Traveling by Airplane, Car, On Foot, etc... with a Well-Behaved Dog

How to assure your dog is properly prepared for travel…

No matter what form of transportation you use, a well-behaved dog is necessary to make your travel together pleasant! Here are a few preparation tips, travel accessories and destination requirements that prepare your dog for a happy travel experience.

Tips for travel preparation

  • Take any medications along, preferably secured in a Ziploc bag or container
  • Use their own bowl for water to assure they do not get dehydrated
  • Make sure their ID tags with licenses along with Veterinarian ID information is on their collar or in your car glove box
  • Carry any special diet foods, when travelling by car, because you have room to pack them
  • Be ready to purchase their diet food requirements when you reach your destination, if travelling by air or train
  • Do not feed your fur buddy immediately before taking the transportation of your choice
  • Waste bags that come with a holder make potty stops easier and your visits at welcome centers more pleasant

 Handy pet travel accessories

 It goes without saying, that a dog carrier is a huge advantage when travelling with little tail waggers under 12 pounds! You can pack most of their own stuff, like medicine, treats, a blanket, towel or pillow and even your own necessities like wallet, keys, passport or tickets in a pet purse carrier!

 Travel by car with any sized canine, means having a safety restraint, whether a crate, kennel, seatbelt attachment or dog car seat. On a long trip, it is best not to count on your pet to remain still for the entire journey, if they are unrestrained.

Doggie seat covers and pads are a good thing to have, not just for your car’s protection, but also to keep your pup cozy and encourage them to rest during their trip.

 Be sure to bring a familiar object from home, like a favorite blanket, one of your tee shirts or a stuffed toy, so they will feel secure in unfamiliar surroundings.

 Portable water and food bowls make feeding and watering along the road, as well as at your destination, a much easier task for you both.

 Destination needs for doggie and hosts

 Whether you are staying in a hotel or with friends and family, your furry travel partner needs a space to call their own, so they can retreat from all the action. Bring their bed, if you have travelled by car and can pack it up. Otherwise, their purse carrier can convert to their bed or their favorite blanket and stuffed toy will give them a spot to identify as their go-to space. Pet strollers, backpacks and three-in-one carriers are great for giving your precious cargo with paws a place to ride along, take walks in a strange place and to curl up when they are tired. IF you have a new puppy or an elder canine with hip issues, a stroller is great for getting your ear flopper out for fresh air and mingling with people and other dogs.

 When your fur partner has their own food and water bowl, they will also feel more at home, and you will not be putting your host in an awkward situation having to locate bowls for your doggie!

Keep your dog leashed at all times when away from your indoor destination, so you do not risk losing them in a strange locale! The experts suggest that you take a cell phone picture of your dog when you travel, so if you have to put out an alert, you will have a recent photo. Making sure your dog is chipped with ID, and that they are wearing their collar with proper ID’s will also help others locate your lost pet, if the worst happens.

 In short, when you take your beloved furry best friend with you on trips, your attention to their comfort, safety and good behavior is a primary concern for your total travel itinerary. Happy travel!