The Major League Baseball Loves Dog Attendance at Games

How to find out when your favorite MLB team is having a “Bark in the Park” event...

MLB dog game daysThe Major League Baseball teams love to have dogs participate in their fan base by having regular “Bark in the Park” game events where you can bring your pooch with you to the game. A few rules do apply, but overall, when you know your favorite MLB team’s dates for these special games and get all the right information about how to take your pup and participate, you will have the time of your life,

How to find out which dates your dog can go

Go to your team’s official website and search schedule for “Bark in the Park” or “Dogs at the park” dates. They will be listed in Special Game Promotions and Events. Here is an example of how to find your team:
Go directly to your team’s official website. and choose “Schedules” to search through promotional dates that dogs can come for a ballpark game, so you can take your fur best friend!

Basic rules

When you go to the team’s website and locate the specific promotion date for a dog day at the park event, there will be specific instructions about what you can and cannot do to bring your dog. Here are some general rules to expect:

1.    Time of arrival is earlier than other ticketholders
2.    One human plus one dog ticket required, booked in advance
3.    Bring vaccination papers, showing Parvo, rabies, distemper and bordetela. See next section for what else to bring
4.    Your dog’s up to date Rabies tag on their collar D-ring
5.    All dogs must be leashed and well-behaved

What to take with you

To prove your pup’s vaccinations are up to date, in case you are asked, simply take your latest invoice from the Veterinarian that outlines all their shots! At a minimum you MUST have their latest Rabies tag on their D-ring for their collar or harness.

Take a portable water bowl and bottle of water. While most stadiums have doggie water stations, it is always good to have your own supply.

Small dogs do welltethered in a dog purse carrier, so they can rest while the game goes on. Larger dogs, of course, need to stay leashed and will probably feel comfortable laying at your feet.

Many MLB dog day events have a special doggie parade and prizes for best MLB dog clothesoutfits. Dress your fur baby in all the right official MLB dog gear to be a contender in these contests!

There are “relief” areas to walk your pup, so  have poop bags on you to comply with proper etiquette and pick-up rules!

Just be sure to read all the specific team’s requirements before you go, so you will not be turned away! To have an idea about how much fun it is to take your precious fur sports fan to an MLB game with you, browse all the pictures on the MLB sites for “Bark in the Park” days in prior years. We promise you will have a smile and a laugh at all the decked-out doggies!