The Difference Between Fake and Licensed Dog NFL Sports Products

How to tell the real NFL licensed dog product from the fake...

Official Panthers logo and lettering
When you buy your own “Official” NFL shirts, tees and jerseys from your favorite team’s store or the NFL website, you know it is licensed by the NFL. But what about your dog’s clothes, beds, bowls and toys that are rich with NFL logos and team colors? When you buy these pet products from pet stores, you can tell when they are or are not officially licensed.

NFL team colors

Your own NFL clothes will have the right team colors, but how do you tell your pup’s clothes authenticity? You can go to your team’s website, or Wikipedia and look up your team to see the official uniform combinations and the official colors. Colors come in a “PMS” number code that translates to specific shades of the primary colors. If you pick up a National Football League product that does not have a color that matches your research, then you may have an imitation. Or hold the product up to one of your own with the same colors and compare.

NFL logos

The team logos are very distinctive and easy to tell if they are a knock-off. In pet clothing, when a logo is embroidered onto the material, check for logo detail as well as color matching to the authentic team logo. When a logo is screen-printed onto cloth, the colors and drawing should match the authentic one you use as an example. Stenciled logos on a food bowl or other metallic product may be hard to tell if they are real because they may be smeared or placed haphazardly. In that case, the product is probably a fake.

NFL lettering

Just like the logos, a team’s lettering, such as NY, KC or SFO have a
distinctive font in the initials. When the team name is spelled out, the same applies, there is a unique font for that name as written. Therefore, another thing to observe about a pet product, claiming to be “official” NFL is the style of the initials and lettering in the name of the team.


Officially licensed NFL products for pets will usually have a removable or sewn in sticker that has the official NFL logo on it. That way you can be assured you are getting the real deal.

When you are in a box store shopping for NFL dog gear, take along your own example of your team’s colors, logo and lettering to compare all three to the items you see. When you purchase “officially licensed” NFL gear and clothes for pets online, you can be sure that a reputable dog products supplier who uses those words is not tricking you.