Sports gear for Your Dog to Share Your Loyalties

Why college, NFL and MLB dog sportswear makes a great gift…

Whether you are true to your school, your NFL or MLB team, your doggie can join your passion with some of the coolest pet gear in town! The college dog clothes and paraphernalia is rich with team colors and logos. NFL dog shirts, tees and jerseys match your own. The MLB is famous for their love of dogs and logo outfits when they have “Bark in the Park” regular game events. With official licensing by the NCAA, NFL and MLB, you cannot miss with these sports products for your own or family and friend puppy-loves!!

College pet products

If your home is richly decorated in your collegiate colors, then we know your doggie probably has a few logo items
too. But you can really load up with college dog products from tee shirts, tanks, jerseys sweaters and even cheerleader dresses to make those game days or anytime even more fun. Or how about your pup’s bed? Does it have the right university logo on it? Plus, their food and water bowls must have a place of honor in your kitchen with your college’s logo on it. Your student who is away from home at university probably misses his or her fur baby something fierce, so be sure they have their doggie duded or dolled up when they come home. Seeing their four-pawed buddy decked out in NCAA clothes will put a big smile on their faces!

NFL dog gear

The National Football League is quite picky about using their official logos and colors, so you will want only licensed NFL dog products for your pooch! Who would not want a jersey that matches your own, with contrast sleeves and bright logo embroidered on it? An NFL dog car seat is not only cozy but also functional in the way they protect your car’s upholstery! A plush football toy with your team’s logo in the center or a real football leather dog collar and matching lead with football stitching and team logo are other great gifts for your own furry sports fan or for your dog loving friends and NFL fanatics! You will have lots of chances to show off your pup’s NFL threads on Thursday, Sunday or Monday NFL football game days and nights. But then, year-round you can also be sure the world knows how loyal your doggie and you are as true blue pro ball fans!

MLB dog outfits

The Major League Baseball association is particularly fond of having doggies attend their games. When you find that your favorite team, or the local team is having a “Bark in the
Park” event, you can whip out your pup’s ultra jazzy tee or tank that practically matches the player’s uniform shirts! Some shirts have traditional baseball stripes, while others have the MLB colors and logo plus lettering stitched on the back. Bandanas that sport your MLB team’s logo also look dapper on your K9 companion, wherever you go together! Get a plush baseball or bat toy with team logo on them. A nylon collar always looks great with the logo and lettering dotted along the perimeter. Add a matching leash and your pup is ready to strut in style!

Whichever sports you support, it is so much more fun to include your furry best bud on game days or any days with matching jerseys, your doggie’s bed and plush toys to make the games begin!