Pet Care Dog Sleep & Home Tips

Pet Care Dog Sleep & Home Tips*** Dogs are often bombarded with new sights, smells and sounds when they travel and the experience can be disconcerting or exhausting for any pet. A travel dog bed lets a pet take a little slice of home wherever he goes.

The strongest sense any canine has is their sense of smell, but humans occasionally take that for granted. Dog's can detect a myriad of smells that are different from location to location that people only get the slightest hint of -- imagine being taken to some foreign land where everything not only looks and sounds different, but the scent is unfamiliar, too.

This can be overwhelming for a dog who is on the move. Canine vision and taste are decent but not as powerful as their nose (although their hearing is also rather impeccable, depending on the breed). This is why using a travel dog bed both at home and on the road can be a massive comfort to any pet on the road. 

Keeping the pet bed at home and letting the dog use it regularly as a regular dog bed will actually benefit your dog more than if you have a separate bed for traveling. By sleeping and lounging in the travel dog bed regularly, the cozy spot will smell to a dog like a little bit of home that has come along for the journey.

Even for dogs that love to see new places and meet new people, the overwhelming amount of new stimuli will wear out even the most rambunctious of dogs eventually. With a travel pet bed that he has already used and still smells like him, a traveling dog can curl up and fall fast asleep, providing a reprieve from the onslaught of smells and sounds.

Most travel dog beds are made to fit inside dog carriers or crates, but owners don't have to use a crate with the bed if their dog is trained. For dogs that do well in the car, owners can toss the pillow on the backseat or in the back of a truck -- just make sure there is some way to secure the pillow if it gets put in the pickup bed.

But crates aren't a bad option for dogs, especially when traveling. When used at home, dog crate beds keep dogs warm and secluded, allowing them to properly sleep (plus they won't be harassed by other dogs or cats in the same household). Crating doesn't have to be a punishment for a pet, but dogs also love when their travel dog bed is put next to the fireplace or heater. The beds can also provide comfort on hardwood floors.