How to Find Dog Blankets and Crate Pads that are Just Right

How to Find Dog Blankets and Pads For Your Dog Carrier or Pet Crate

Dogs enjoy a cozy environment as much as people do, so consider how plush dog blankets and crate pads help your tail wagging best friend relax. The question is, “Which blanket, liner or pad is “just right” for your furry pet? The answer is there is a large range of products that you can choose to fit your dog’s size, age and habits.

Why Dogs Need a Blanket and Pad

When you bring a dog home, make them feel welcome and as comfortable as possible right away! There are basic supplies you will need to introduce a new dog to your world. A place for them to sleep is at the top of the list. A puppy will feel secure with a blanket to snuggle in the kennel, crate or bed you have for him. An adult dog will be easier to train if you have a designated spot that is their own and includes a padded bed and blanket. A senior dog will be comfortable with a more specialized bed, pad or blanket, to ease her joints. Adding a touch of luxury to your dog’s personal space is a good way to encourage the right training behavior and habits.

Types of Dog Blankets and Crate Pads

The choice of blankets, crate liner/pads and beds ranges from the simple waterproof crate liner for a new puppy to memory foam and orthopedic pads for adult and senior dogs. 

Puppies: Create a bed space in a crate that is comforting. A pad covered with fleece, sheepskin or fur gives the pup a sense of being back with the litter and mom. A waterproof puppy liner will not be necessary once your puppy is house broken.

Adult Dogs: If you rescued a dog from the streets, you may quickly resort to a pillow and an old airline blanket in the laundry room. You will certainly want to improve on those conditions quickly. If you bring your dog home from the shelter breeder or pet store, a cozy bed with a blanket will be similar to their prior experience. Dog beds, couches and thick pads are adaptable to your adult dog’s size, fur thickness and even your décor! When your dog is allowed on the leather sofa, a beautiful dog friendly fur blanket is an elegant way to define her spot on the furniture!

Senior Dogs: Memory foam mattresses, orthopedic pads and plush blankets give your older dog the comfort they require with aging joints and health issues. Since older dogs sleep more than they play, providing a cozy place for them to rest keeps your old dog near you while giving him a touch of luxury.

Pet stores, outdoor catalogs and online dog shops have the variety you are looking for in your dog’s bedding and crating. To narrow down your search as your dog grows, keep in mind your dog’s size and weight; your dog’s age and activity level; and the location of Fido’s and FiFi’s rest/sleep spot in your home.

Quality and Pricing Expectations

As with products we buy for ourselves, quality is related to dog blanket, crate pad and dog carrier liner material, ease of care and price.
Choose materials based on  how long your dog will be using the bed as he grows and how sensitive your breed may be to cloth blends. Dog pads made with cotton, sheepskin, fleece and fur covers are not only cozy but also pet friendly. Padding materials include foam, poly fill and recycled products that hold the bed’s shape, are durable and clean easily. Pay attention to the softness and thickness to meet your dog’s specific needs.

Easy Care:
Read the product label for machine washable, hand wash, dryer proof, air dry and color recommendations. If your puppy will not be using the blanket, pad or liner because he will grow quickly, then machine washing and drying will give you enough longevity before your pup is ready for the next size! Covers on crate pads that are machine washable are the most convenient. The padding material, however, may be a challenge if it is not machine washable depending upon your dog’s outdoor exposure. Some padding is easily refreshed with a toss in the dryer on air dry.

Pricing depends upon size, brand and material quality.

Crate and Dog Carrier Liners range from $8 to $50
Dog Blankets are from $15 to $100
Dog Beds can be from $25 to $250

A puppy’s future size will dictate how many bedding products you will need over her lifetime, so you may want to consider pricing that increases over her growth stages.

Dogs that are smaller than 15 lbs. are perfect for Dog Purse Carriers. Most carriers come with lining and a comfort pad, but a dog liner made of fur or other cozy material is a secure addition when you travel to pet shows, trips into town for dining and concerts or on airplanes. 

Larger dogs require larger blankets and pads, so be prepared to spend more for the size and quality to make your big Lab, Great Dane, German Shepherd and Mastiff comfy!

Comfort Considerations

It is best to fit the size of a crate pad, liner or blanket to the size of the crate floor, so your dog will not get tangled or buried in excess material or padding.

Dark or light color liners/pads should not matter if you observe your dog’s temperature responses to be sure they are not getting too hot or too cold. If they are panting inside the carrier or crate, remove the blanket or liner; if shivering, add a blanket or liner.

If your puppy chews on her crate pad or liner, replace it with a towel or blanket until the chewing phase is over. The padding inside dog bedding can be dangerous if swallowed since it can lead to intestinal blockage.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the bedding options for your doggie. Think like your animal and ask if your dog will think his bedding is too hot or too cold, too soft or too hard and too small or too big. Use your precious pet’s size, age and habits to find the dog blankets and crate pads that are “just right!”