Dog Harnesses That Are Ergonomically Designed

How the proper fit for a dog harness can help your doggie’s Leash time...

You would not want someone to yank your neck by your necklace, necktie or scarf to get your attention, so why would your doggie need to be trained to follow your lead when you pull on his or her collar? Consider an ergonomically designed harness as a much more comfortable and safer way to teach your pup to walk next to you without a lot of fuss!

How the harness goes on your dog’s back and shoulders

The most common harnesses come in three types:

  • The strappy step-in harness that fastens across the tummy area
  • Shoulder harnesses that fasten around the chest area
  • Full shoulder and back harnesses that fasten around the chest and tummy area

Step-in harnesses are made with the same materials as your dog’s collar or leash, nylon mesh backing with ribbon or other material covering. The adjustable straps help you fit the harness to your pooch’s chest and shoulders with another adjustable slide on the tummy strap that you fasten underneath.

A shoulder harness slips over your fur baby’s head to rest on his or her shoulders so you can fasten it behind their front legs and around their chest. These more ergonomic harnesses can have extra padding or lightweight mesh material for coolness.

A full body harness is soft lightweight twill with air mesh nylon padding that allows air flow, so your pup stays cool. Added safety features include a reflective strip, quick release snap lock buckles, durable metal D-ring for leash attachment and adjustable nylon straps for a non-chafing fit. The design is perfectly balanced to avoid tension on your precious pup’s body and neck. In sizes

Harness fitting to keep your fur buddy comfortable

Harnesses with more material than in a step-in type need to be comfortable on your tail wagger’s body, so nylon breathable mesh, or a lightweight twill make your pup more comfortable without chafing or rubbing. Step in harnesses can be ultra decorative, from ribbon, silk, velvet or suede like materials. Just be sure to use the snap clasp closures and slides to assure your fuzzy buddy’s fit is neither too snug nor too loose. You should be able to put all your fingers between the strap and your doggie.

Special harnesses for special circumstances

The Horgan Harness is a unique training style for strong breed mixes that are harder to train and keep from pulling on you and the leash. Anyone who has ever been pulled forward and even fallen with a surprise tug from your strong dog knows the importance of a harness that teaches greater control for you! The Horgan has thinner straps for the step-in style, with the added advantage of two back leg straps that slip over your pooch’s hind legs. Fitting and tightening happens from the top back to assure your walking fur partner has the ability to move around easily. The genius of the design happens when your strong ear flopper decides to pull on the leash. The straps around the back legs restrict their movement, so they cannot hunker down and give chase! After a few weeks of using this special harness, your mighty dog will become once again accustomed to walking without the extra restriction!

Harnesses are better for both walker and doggie since they help distribute the pulling weight from the leash as you two stroll along with a proper “heel” command. There is nothing that says your pup cannot wear both a collar and harness. In fact, there are many matching designs for all three…collar, harness and leash! So just go all out and get a complete walking ensemble for your favorite wet-nosed buddy!