Covid-19 Dog Safety & Product Policies

Covid-19 Policies & Procedures At Doggie Diva....

We want to thank everyone out there for coming to Doggie Diva and supporting our dog boutique online, at a time like this. Covid-19 has hit everyone pretty hard, everywhere, but especially here in New York. We are so glad this horrible virus isn't effecting the pups! We hope everyone is staying home and staying safe and healthy. Online shopping for your dog is the perfect pastime! We at Doggie Diva take human Covid-19 and Covid-19 dog safety very seriously. You and your dog's safety is #1. We know the dog's can not get Covid-19 but the dogs can carry the virus on their fur, so please be mindful and cautious of that and hopefully your dog is safely social distancing as well, our own dogs here are. We are being very cautious when it comes to getting you your dog products safely and virus free.

We would like to assure our customers that we are doing everything we can to make sure our products leave here safe and keep you safe and your dog safe! For Covid-19 dog safety precautions, Doggie Diva is currently not taking dog boarding dogs or dog daycare dogs, we are sorry. We are currently each working from our own homes, for the safety of our employees. We have two people only assigned to shipping packages. We are sanitizing every box of stock that gets delivered to our us. We are using masks and gloves to keep all our products safe and virus free. We are all constantly sanitizing our hands and no one is allowed to work sick, at all, no exceptions.

Shipping and processing has been a challenge as well as getting new stock from various dog product manufacturers/vendors. Because of delays in the Postal System, everyone's limited hours and all other issues along the supply chain, some items/orders may take longer to ship. Some items only ship on certain days (we will let you know if that is the case) and some items are on a waiting list (you will see that notification next to the product) because that particular manufacturer/vendor has temporally closed their doors and is not shipping dog products during the pandemic. Many warehouses and vendors we work with are so inundated with pet product orders that they are a few days behind. Everyone is very busy and doing their best to get things out in a timely manor but sometimes our hands are tied and we apologize about that.

Please rest assured we are doing the best we can to get you our best products in the least amount of time. The Doggie Diva dog boutique has been online and going strong for 12 years and counting and we aren't going to let some big bad virus take us down! The pups need us and our pet products. When ordering please check pet product lead times, which is located on the dog product page, where you add the item to your cart. Please note: Toys, Antlers for Dogs and Horgan Harnesses are hot sellers right now (being everyone is home and there is a huge puppy adoption boom in our country right now) and are generally the pet products that are having some processing delays sometimes. If you have any questions about lead times, please contact us first before placing your order. Doggie Diva appreciates your pandemic patience and thanks you for your business!

Stay Safe & Thank You!!!