Choosing a Dog Bed Does Not Have to be Complicated

Which dog bed is right for your four-pawed family member…

Even if your four-pawed family member likes to sleep on your bed, the rug next to you or on your sofa, it is still important to recognize that dogs need their very own space and sanctuary where they can retreat for rest, naps, observation posts and nighttime sleep! The experts tell us that dogs sleep almost half of their 24-hour day, so, as their masters, we need to be aware that those sleep spots will fit both the dog’s and our own lifestyles! Here are ways to choose an everyday bed for your fur baby to fit their size, sleep habits, age and special needs.

How to pick the right size dog bed

Toy, miniature and small breed mixes that weigh up to 15 lbs. may be comfortable in a dog purse carrier that allows them to stand up, turn around and lie down. But, when it comes to their full-time bed, a small size that will fit a dog up to 40 lbs. will be more comfortable for all the ways your smaller fur pal sprawls, stretches, dreams and wiggles around in their sleep.

Medium sized dogs that weigh between 40 and 60 lbs. will do well with a medium bed and Dogs over 60 lbs. need large or XL beds for their long lengths and heights.
The actual measurements will depend upon the shape of the dog bed.

Round, rectangular, bucket or bumper style

Observe your tail wagger’s sleeping habits and that will help you decide the right shape of your pup’s bed.

Round beds – If your doggie likes to curl up in a ball and seldom stretches out in their sleep, then a round dog bed will give them that sense of security as they go to the middle of the bed, while the edges fluff up around them. Also, very small dogs will feel cozier in a round bed with bucket sides.

Rectangular – is your pooch a sprawler and stretcher? Then a rectangular sized bed will give them that extra space to turn around, stretch out a leg or two or even lie on their back!

Small beds range from 24 to 30 inches in round and 26 x 19 in rectangular.
Medium dog beds in round are approximately 36 inches in diameter and 30 x 22 inches in rectangular sizes.

Large and Extra-Large beds for dogs can measure between 42 and 60 inches, while rectangular sizes can be 40 x 27 to 46 x 32 inches.

Plush, flat or in-between

Since your ear flopper may not be able to tell you when a bed is too soft, too hard or just right, take a look at their favorite places to nap when not in a dog bed. Is your cushy sofa or bed their favorite spot? Or the thick carpet in your bedroom? Or maybe they like the thick oriental rug on your hardwood floors.

The sofa or bed sleeper will be happy in a very plush dog bed that has at least 6 inches of padding. Also consider a bed that has bumpers for the frame.

A carpet and hardwood floor sleeper will be fine on a flat dog bed with 2 to 4 inches of stuffing.
Stuffing and padding materials can be from polyester, eco-friendly, organic materials, to memory foam and interlocking fabrics.

Dog bed materials and care

Custom made beds for dogs give you the best choices in fabrics. You can choose a top of soft material, with a microfiber bottom; or an indoor/outdoor fabric; or faux fur and shag materials. Most dog beds have a removable cover that zips off for easy cleaning in a washing machine. We recommend gentle cycle with tumble drying. Dogs that are mostly indoor fur partners will not mess up their beds so frequent washing may not be necessary, with only spot cleaning required.

An outdoor pooch that sleeps indoors may be happier with a sturdier fabric that can be easily unzipped and thrown into the washing machine.

The great part about domesticated canines is that they will not mess up their sleep retreats. It is also good to have your active sports breed mix used to a good brushing or combing before they come indoors. This will help keep your home and their bedding lint, dust, fur and allergy free.

Add a cozy blanket, a pillow and plush toys to your fuzzy buddy’s bed and they will be more than ready to go to it whenever they are seeking comfort and rest.