About Us

Welcome to our unique dog boutique online; the largest luxury, puppy, big pet and sports and college pet apparel shop all wrapped up in one, online!

We provide unique, cute, trendy and sporty dog clothes, college, NFL, MLB, designer carriers, beds, pet strollers, elk antlers treats, fabulous accessories and so much more! We love to put smiles on people's faces and that is what happens when you purchase something in our pet boutique and have your pup wear it our! From coupon codes, free shipping deals, discount prices and thousands of products to choose to our excellent personalized customer support via email, text, live chat or phone, the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique Online is the place to be and be seen, woof!

Growing up, I never wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher. Whenever asked, I just answered, I just want to own my own business, that is all I want to do. I think people didn't take me very seriously. That was not really a reasonable career choice back then. Well, I thought it was and after many years of trial and error and failed business ideas and not following through on my part, I decided it was time to change focus for a little while so I focused on family. I was always coming up with and starting different business but nothing that I really loved or had enough passion for. I put my business ideas on hold, met my husband, moved from Long Island to Pennsylvania and decided I needed to start over and come up with a new business idea, a new business plan.

One day, while walking through a local flea market, a light bulb went on in my head and I decided I needed to find something to sell here. There were thousands of people everywhere and there was money to be made, but what would I sell? After much thought, I decided to make and sell holiday chocolates as a trial to see if I could turn a profit fast. It worked but I quickly realized that chocolate was very temperamental and selling chocolate outside in heat and in the cold was becoming very troublesome. Combine those issues with shelf life plus the horrible idea of going into chocolate factory production, I decided to throw in the towel and try something new, find something that I had more of a passion for and something that would satisfy all my needs and wants in a business making people happy, selling pretty things, make money with the option to franchise and branch out, and shopping (of course!).

Doggie Diva pet shop was born ...So I took a big breath, I placed my first $150 order, got my shipment, brought them to the flea market and almost sold out on my first day. People went nuts for these fun personality tank tops I decided to invest my money in. Customers were so happy, picking up the tanks, laughing, etc., Walking by, talking about them, giggling to their friends. It felt so good for me to make not only the pups happy by keeping them warm and helping them to look cool and trendy, but also by making their owners happy and bringing a little joy to their day. I knew at that moment that this was the new business I was to pursue. A hip and trendy yet sporty pet apparel and accessories pet boutique selling adorable and still practical doggie clothing and accessories online. We just recently re-launched our ecommerce site where you can do all the pets shopping you want! We now carry over 2000 cute and trendy products including a vast variety of clothes, cool accessories and other fun apparel, sports items, pawz shoes, antler treats and toys, pet beds, dog carriers, personalized collars, leashes, harnesses and many other items. Anything from a doggie bikinis to puppy nail polish and even sunglasses!. Oh yeah, we also specialize in big dog clothing and accessories.


Fast forward eight years later and Doggie Diva has snowballed into a successful online business (we have been in business for 12 years now). We love to sell products face to face with customers at various events and also online. We have just re-launched our online, ecommerce site, www.doggie-diva.com. Our new shop online now carries over 2500 cute and trendy dog products including a vast variety everything for your pets.

Our Mission...As we move forward, our dog boutique continues it's commitment to provide fashion savvy clothing for dogs of all shapes and sizes and launches new collections each every, single, season. Our goal is to eventually design our own line of merchandise, first starting with collars and leashes, beds, toys and eventually adorable apparel. Personalized bling collars and designer dog carriers being a top priority. Please check our website often for the latest additions, contests and special offers and please visit us at local pet shows, expos and various and dog shopping events in your area.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope you enjoy shopping here for (or with, for those of you with those extra smart pups!) you most furriest friend.