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Adopting a new dog involves a lot more then just taking care of this new dog, it's also about the new member of your home fitting in and finding their own home space. Things you may want to consider purchasing for your new dog in your home is a calming dog bed, luxury dog bedsdog stairs to get up to your bed, dog bowls for feeding, dog blankets for warmth and basically any other dog home item you can imagine. Well you have come to the right place. Doggie Diva brings you the best in dog products for your home!

Shop Dog Beds & Other Doggy Home Products Online

Just as you search for the perfect dog bed so should you consider your fur baby’s sleep space as an important purchase! At Doggie Diva, we think the variety of dog bed choices will amaze you, since your pups are our primary focus. Dog beds online come in all sizes, with soft covers, of faux fur, fleece, microfiber and cotton, stuffed with fiber fill, foam and cushy padding. Covers are removable for easy gentle machine washing and tumble-drying care. A dog bed on sale is always a bonus! Did you know the right dog bed can also have a calming effect on your pup? The feel, the softness, the cushioning and even the color can all be things to look for in a calming dog bed.

Doggy Beds, Dog Blankets, Dog Steps and More...

Dog Bed styles include traditional bumper sided beds with step in opening, reversible bed pouches that convert to a pet carrier with a strap and car seat with sides up. Our tent beds made exclusively for the smaller royal prima dons and donnas, give your little fur buddy their own hidey spot to tuck into on a plush pad. Bed pads and blankets are super plush in fluffy faux fur, rosebud and shag coverlets, perfect to add to your four-pawed family member’s sleep space. If your puppy love likes to sleep at the foot of your bed or on your sofa, a set of dog stairs will help them rise to their favorite place to be near you, with two, three or four steps to fit the right height of your bed or other furniture.


Add one of the softest blankets or throws for your bed, sofa or chair and let your cuddle buddy with a tail sprawl out in ultimate comfort! Try a fluffy fur calming dog bed for that nervous furry friend. Just rest assured, that no matter which bed choice you make for your canine companion, they will love you even more for your thoughtfulness and caring! And don't forget the dog beds on sale, we always have some sort of good deal going!


Make Sure Your Furry Friend Has a Comfortable Place To Sleep

Humans prefer sleeping on the best bed we can find on the market, so our sleep will be sound any time we rest our eyes. For dogs who sleep more or less 12 hours a day, ensuring that they have everything they need for good sleep should also be a priority.


You might be drowning right now with all the doggy beds options you’ll find online. Luckily, our Doggie Diva store has all the things you need to give your dog the best sleep ever!


Our Sleep & Home Products Include:

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  • Dog Steps
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Get Your Pup a Nice Place To Sleep

Dogs, just like humans, have their own preferences. Our doggy beds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. We might just have the perfect dog beds for your pup whether they are a small, medium, or large breed!


If luxury is your dog’s language, worry no more! Our Divine Dog Bed by Hello Doggie Back might be the best option for them as it is made using the softest, most luxurious fabric there is. 


Cozy Up with Your Dog

Blankets keep our pets warm and cozy. They serve different purposes; for some owners, it’s used as lining for pet carriers to make our dogs more comfortable during travel. Others have blankets that match their house’s interior to keep their aesthetic cohesive. Whichever purpose you choose, our Plush & Fur Dog Blankets are sure to enhance any dog’s comfort experience by 100%!


Dog Steps

One thing we would like our customers to know is that when it comes to dog stairs, we only provide the best luxury steps there are online. Now, one might ask why there is a need for stairs when dogs can just leap? Actually, veterinarians encourage the use of steps — especially for small dogs — because they are not built like cats that can jump from higher places. Using dog steps ensures the safety of your dogs.


We Offer a Variety of the Best Dog Products

Aside from the dog beds, blankets, and steps, we also offer dog bowls and dog crate mats. For those who prefer personalizing your dog’s stuff, we can customize blankets and dog beds.


When looking for sleep and home accessories for your dogs, we’ve got you covered. Our products — especially our dog beds — will make your dog happy and comfortable. They might even feel like sleeping on clouds —  just like luxury! This is no small feat, so let’s do our part in making sure that our pups feel the love and care that they deserve.