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Dogs need shoes? Well, yes, Even though their pawz may seem tough and rugged, they are subject to injury, splinters and cuts, just like human bare feet. When you and your pooch are strolling hot sand or pavement; romping in the snow, or taking long hikes, dog shoes are perfect for preventing sunburn, frostbite or trail injuries from sticks and stones. Your senior fur partner may be having trouble balancing, sliding or slipping on a tile or wood floor. Your precious old doggie will really appreciate a pair of rubber booties to help them get around on surfaces that used to be a cinch for them to conquer.  Here at Doggie Diva, our disposable, yet reusable Pawz dog shoes are made with thin natural rubber, so your fur buddy can feel the ground. They are designed to be unshakable, so they will not slip off or be shaken off by your dog. The Trail Tracker dog shoes are made with rubber soles and neoprene uppers. A Velcro closure keeps them snug on fido’s feet, while the wide mouth opening makes them easy to slip on and off. Sizes fit XS to 2XL so no matter what your fur baby’s breed mix, they can be totally protected from any harmful surfaces under their paws! If your doggie loves a good walk or adventure then, consider Pawz Dog Shoes in Black or Pink to protect your precious fur partner’s four paws! After all, pavement can be hot in summer and cold in winter. Snow is a bit painful after a few romps around the year. Sticks and stones can cause paw cuts and abrasions on trail hikes. Plus, sun and sand combine to give your barky buddy a burn.  Pawz is a seasoned designer of paw protection for dogs and at Doggie Diva, we have them in all sizes from Toy to very Large canine companions.

Made with lightweight natural rubber, so your pup can feel the ground, Pawz dog boots are designed to be unshakable and do not slip off your pup’s paws. Biodegradable, these Pawz shoes for dogs are also reusable, so more than one wear are possible. Fashionable in Black or Pink, your ear flopper will thank you when you suggest a romp in the snow or a hike in the woods…not to mention avoiding a trip to the Vet with paw blisters, cuts or splinters!Check out all Doggie Diva Pet Accessories!