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Dog Beds

Your fur family member’s personal everyday dog bed comes in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and padding. So, start your search for the perfect bed for your precious fur baby, or the perfect comfort large dog bed for your big guy or gal right here at our Sleep and Home Shop!  Does your fur baby like to have a place of their own to go to when they are tired and need their beauty rest? Is your puppy getting too big to share your sleep or rest spot?

Is your older canine needing a softer location to rest their aging joints? Is your fuzzy buddy a sprawler that takes up the entire sofa or the foot of your bed? Then Heyday Dog Beds in rectangular shapes with a microsuede cover and orthopedic stitching to hold padding in place, will fit your spread out tiny to very big snoozer with a tail! Made to order, choose your color, and size for these glamorous bumper beds that are machine washable!

When your cuddle fur bug likes to turn around and nest in a circle, Bessie & Barnie have just the right shape in their Custom Bagel Dog Beds. Or get the rectangle shaped custom beds, all in sizes XS to XL to fit all furry sleeping beauties. Choose your own custom variety of fabrics, top and bottom for the cover from contrasting prints or solids in multiple colors. Fabrics range from plush softness to indoor/outdoor twills. All covers are removable and machine washable for easy care. The interior eco-friendly inch thick padding is soft and fluffy to hold its shape.

These hand-sewn to order custom dog beds are just what the veterinarian recommends for all those times your short-legged fur pal does NOT need to jump onto your bed or furniture to get their beauty sleep; for very active dogs that need to spread out those legs and muscles for restful sleep; and for aging fur partners that just need to rest their weary bones any time of day!