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Wrap your furry partner in a hand-knit dog sweater and he or she will be forever grateful to you for the warmth, style and fit of these fashionable, warm, knit sweaters! From the people at Chilly Dog, you can find only the best in warm and fun dog sweaters that are lovingly made by the Indians from sheep that are protected and fed with organically prepared and chemical-free diets. The dyes are from natural sources also. So, browse the collection of Chilly Dog Sweaters and be ready to outfit your four-pawed pal from tiny up to 100+ lbs. in the coolest large dog sweaters around.

Your favorite fuzzy style maven deserves to have his or her own look when it comes to staying warm and cozy in their very own hand-knit dog sweaters. So, choose from bunch of fun dog sweaters including a patriotic flag sweater, a cable knit, flower embellished, plaid, wintry themed, argyle and so many more styles that you may have to get more than one to fit you and your pup’s favorite season of the year!