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Why limit your opinions, passions, status and celebrations to your own clothes that make a statement when you can dress your pets in Dog Shirts and Tank Tops that speak volumes? Dressed in sassy personality tees  and tanks for pets, you and your four-pawed partner can tell the world in subtle ways exactly what is on your mind. Can you think of a better way to start conversations? Did your mom tell you it is not polite to discuss sex, politics or religion in social settings? Does your dog accompany you to events with interesting people? Are you and your pet proud of your attitude? Then our personality dog tees and tank tops and jerseys for all sized four-legged, furry pets can be a fun way to introduce yourself and your best friend to a variety of interests.

You and your pup can say it all with Personality Dog Tees and Tank Tops…

In any exciting election cycle, our Political dog shirts stand out with the donkey or elephant logo artwork to express your party preference! Then there are the tough guy and diva tees from the Stud and Bitch collection of shirts that make a statement about you or your pooch’s ‘tude. It is easy to show you and Woodie’s or Woofie’s status with our collection of Unisex and Gay dog shirts that express how your dog’s family looks or where your tail-wagger fits into the pack! Since there are always holidays to celebrate, like St. Patrick’s Day, Chanukah, Christmas, July 4th, Mother’s and Father’s Days, you can choose from these shirts that have beautiful silk-screened lettering and artwork. Completely machine washable, we know you will enjoy putting these adorable and profound shirts and tank tops on your furry BFF.

All of our pet tee shirts come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties of styles. Has your dog ever worn a shirt? How about a tank top? What's your dog's personality? Come check out our huge selection of dog shirts, personality dog tanks, big dog shirts, small dog shirts, fashion and designer dog shirts.