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Dog Puzzle Toys & Games for Pets

Welcome to the most IMPORTANT part of Doggie Diva's dog boutique. As dog borders, dog owners and dog lovers, we defiantly know the importance of having a well balanced, super healthy and happy dog! One of the best ways to keep your dog well balanced, healthy and happy is by training your dog's brain with dog games and dog puzzle toys! Meaning keeping your dog's brain constantly training utilizing different methods such as obedience training, dog puzzle toys, interactive dog games, human games, etc... Doggie Diva now sells a variety of dog puzzle toys and dog games, the PERFECT brain training for dogs! Hide and seek is a great way to keep your dog busy, engaged and keep that dog brain training! Of course as humans, we can hide ourselves or our children, count to ten, and let our pets come and find us.

Best Dog Puzzle Toys & Dog Games

Another great way to play the doggy version of this traditional game is you use an interactive dog toy such as our Starbarks Interactive Coffee HouseGrrrona Dog Puzzle Game Toy or Chewy Vuiton Interactive Dog Toy Puzzle. These fun hide and seek interactive dog toys come with a small plush box, plus multiple plush smaller toys that your dog will have to use his or her brain to try and figure out how to get out. Once your dog masters this fun interactive dog toy, you can add a second layer of brain stimulation by hiding the entire dog puzzle toy, having your dog seek it out, then they would have to take all the pieces out. Now that's a fun & interactive dog game!!!

Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive dog treat puzzles are also a great way to stimulate your pet's brain. These brain games come in many different forms and in many different materials and are super fun and challenging for your dog. The best interactive dog toys are the ones where your dog can't destroy the toy but are challenged to get their yummy treat out. Interactive Dog treat puzzle toy examples are our super tough Toppl Treat Dog Toy, Qwizl Treat Dog Toy and the Tux Dog Treat Toy. These dog puzzle toys are great brain training for dogs! Doggie Diva is always looking for the newest and best dog puzzle toys to keep those pups busy!!!