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Doggie Diva's Doggie Harness for Pets, Home of the Original Soft Puppia Harness". Here you will find an array of fun, practical, and cute soft harnesses in many shapes and sizes. Fashioned harnesses for dogs are a great way to keep your doggie safe on a leash because it is so much more comfortable for them and easier for you to control! We take a lot of pride in the variety and innovation in the choices we give you in harnesses for dogs and you will find that we have tested, used, and love the ones we use for our own furry best friends!

The Best Dog Harnesses

Is your new puppy or seasoned adult strong enough to pull you around in a crowd? Do you prefer to use a dog harness on your petite breed or mix because you do not like the way he or she reacts to walking on a collar? Is your canine fashion maven one that gets a kick out of dressing up in jazzy collars, shirts, and harnesses? Puppy harnesses, cute dog harnesses, small dog harnesses, training harnesses, big dog harnesses, we offer them all and at great prices.

From the very innovative Horgan Dog Harness that comes in three sizes to help you train your puppy dog to stop pulling and stay right beside you to the fanciest of velvet harnesses that are oh, so dressy and smart while riding easily on your tail wagger’s frame, to high-end suede dog harnesses, you will enjoy browsing through our pet harness & puppy harness selections. Sizes for our sporty and cute dog harnesses range from XS to XL to fit and adjust to any size dog. The styles include a “V” design that fits over the neck and shoulders, "The Original Soft Puppia Harnesses" that are made with breathable mesh, luxury strap harnesses with designer touches and step-in harnesses with fashionable feminine and sporty prints. 

I-Puppy One being a close second the Puppia dog harness, not the original, but still a decent contender! Each of these cute dog harnesses for pets is made with utmost quality and easy care instructions, plus sturdy D-rings, fasteners, and adjustable hardware for easy on and off access. Perfect dog harnesses for new puppies or full-grown dogs. We have many of these super cool styles on sale, so hurry to snap one up in your fur buddy’s size before we sell out! Also, we have college and other official sports puppy harnesses in the sports product section of our website!

Dog harnesses are important to keep your dog safe during walks. Using one from a trustworthy brand will give you better control of your dog and reduce your dog’s risk of being injured.

Since there are thousands of dog harnesses available for sale on the market today, though, choosing one can be challenging.

For the best dog harnesses, Doggie Diva has everything you need and more. We are a luxury pet apparel shop online, offering a wide variety of harnesses for dogs both large and small!

What Kinds of Harnesses Do We Offer?

Soft dog harnesses: This vest-style harness is breathable and stretchy, yet durable enough to handle puppies and medium-sized dogs. Soft dog harnesses are also more comfortable for dogs.

Step-in dog harnesses: As the name suggests, step-in dog harnesses are ones that your dog must step into with both front paws. This type of harness has fastening at the back and is ideal for dogs who object to putting harnesses over their heads.

Small dog harnesses: Trying to find the perfect puppy harness for your puppy or small dog can often be difficult. If you need a small dog harness, we have a wide variety so you can find the perfect fit.

Why Is It Important To Get the Right Harness for Your Dog?

Harnesses have a variety of benefits, but buying one without considering the size of your dog will do more harm than good. Using the wrong-sized dog or puppy harness will only make them feel uncomfortable during walks.

For example, a dog harness with thin straps can be painful for large dog breeds. Conversely, dog harnesses with large straps can make it harder for puppies or small dogs to move

When choosing a harness for your dog, you should be able to fit two fingers between your dog’s body and the harness. The skin around the neck and shoulders of your dog shouldn’t bunch up when you lock the harness.

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Using the right dog harness is not only more convenient but also ensures that your dog is both safe and comfortable during walks.