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Collection: Luxury & Designer Dog Hair Bows

When you have a precious pooch that sports a curly, spiky or fuzzy forehead, there is nothing cuter than to attach a pretty dog hair clip to keep the hair out your pet's eyes (while looking pretty at the same time, of course)! We have the answer for that canine fashion look with our grooming puppy dog bows in lace and crystal! Sometimes when you take your Shih Tzu, Poodle, Schnauzer, Yorky, or mix out for a party, special event or to celebrate a holiday, it is just too much fun to take them along wearing one of their designer grooming dog bows in their hair.

Wouldn’t Your Dog Love A Designer Dog Bow?

Our new lace puppy bows are in colors to match the occasion, holiday, or simply your pup’s spirit, plus they are accented with pretty crystals in the center. The hand-crafted lace dog hair clip puppy bow is finished with a spring clip designed to grasp your fur baby’s hair only and will not pull or hurt your pup’s head! 

Going to a holiday party? Then the green and red holiday dog hair bow is just the ticket for your four-pawed companions’ hair. The white and black lace hair bows add that formal touch your pup needs for weddings and black tie events. Or to match your outfit, choose from blues and pinks (pink dog bows are always a hot commodity) in these puppy bows for dogs that will complement your fashion statement!

Need great gifts for your friends with fuzzy-headed pups? Then these puppy dog bows in the choice of colors, with rhinestone-looking crystals and easy clips will be the hit of all the gifts they receive. Be ready for smiles, winks, grins, and requests to meet you and your tail-wagging companion when the two of you step out in high fashion with your pet accessories. Check out our grooming dog bows selection and Shop Designer Dog Bow today!

The Best Dog Hair Bows On The Market

Who doesn't love to accessorize their dogs and make them look adorable? At Doggie Diva, we provide unique dog hair clips and dog hair bows that are cute, functional, and look designer-made. When you buy designer dog hair bows from us, you know that you're receiving high-quality products.

Flower Power

Do you love seasonal pet accessories? Then we have the best dog hair bows that you could want. Our flower collection of designer dog hair bows are unique and adorable. Each one is carefully styled in such a way to bring beauty to the piece. A beautiful little flower rests directly in the middle to attract attention to your pet's lovely accessory. We offer several colors, so you can be sure to find the flower that matches your dog's personality the best!

Make Them the Queen

Does your little pooch act like a Queen? Then why not help her declare it with our unique crystal crown dog hair bows? This beautiful designer dog bow offers a pink ribbon that looks striking against their hair. Yet it's the glittering crystal crown in the center of the bow that steals the scene. If bows aren't exactly your thing or you want to try something different, then you can still declare your dog royalty with our dog hair barrette. We offer a beautiful crown dog hair barrette that still utilizes the crystal design. Both are easy to clip on, so you don't have to worry about our dog hair clips giving your dog trouble.

Puppy Bows for Dogs

If you want your little girly dog to be extremely fancy and posh, then any of our posh pink dog bows need to be tried. Pink dog bows in lace are great because they're lighter than standard dog hair bows. Like dog hair clips, they rest lightly against your dog's hair, so your dog may not even notice that she's wearing it. Lace puppy dog bows offer a touch of elegance and class to any favorite pet. Puppy bows are the perfect stylish dog grooming bow so why not show them off in style?

Multi-Color Dog Hair Bows

Our dog bows also come in various shades of color with differing crystal selections. This helps ensure that your dog’s bows won't be lost in your dog's hair. Choose a striking color to truly make it pop. Our designer dog bows also come with different crystal designs, so you can add as much bling as you want. Some of our bows even come with patterns. These can truly customize your grooming dog bows and give your dog some more personality.

Why You Should Use Doggy Hair Bows

One practical use of hair bows for dogs is that it keeps their hair from getting into their eyes. With better eyesight, they're less likely to injure themselves or knock things over. Hair bows also just make your dog look cuter. Why not show your dog some well-earned love?

Try Our Dog Bows Today

Dog bows remain an easy and non-fussy way to accessorize your pet. Pet dog bows and pet hair clips are what your pup can not do without, especially the long hair breeds. Even the boys can get into the dog hair clip and bow action. Check out our high-quality and beautiful pet hair bows to find the perfect one for your pet. With so many from which to choose, you'll be able to accessorize your puppy dog every day of the week.


Few things in life are cuter than your dog wearing hand-crafted luxury dog bows from Doggie Diva. We have an extensive online range of high-quality crystal-studded ones perfect for various occasions, including birthdays and holidays. Get one now to make your pup shine!


Advantages of Wearing Dog Bows

Have you considered dog bows or asked “Why should my pup wear bows? We’ve listed a few of the advantages below.


Yorkies, Shiffons, Maltese, and other long-haired dog breeds can wear bows to keep their fur away from their eyes. A quick trim should work just fine, but a bow is a much cuter option.


On an aesthetic note, sweaters and clothes don’t look as good on long-haired pups. One of the best ways for them to accessorize is to tie up their hair.


Lastly, bows are an easy way to make a statement. At Doggie Diva, we offer a wide range of colors and themes to our fellow dog moms and dads.


Get the Best Dog Hair Bows Online

Are you ready to help your furbaby see better and look adorable? Treat your pup now to our fabulous bows! There’s no better accessory for long-haired breeds anywhere. We also have a wide range of dog outfits for you to pick from so you can mix and match!