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Designer & Custom Dog Bow Ties for Collars...

Humans aren't the only ones who can look mighty fine in a bow tie! At Doggie Diva, we cater to the dapper dog, the designer dog, the posh dog that wants to stand out in the crowd. Small dogs, large dogs, round dogs, any breed or size, doesn't matter, we have a designer dog bow tie that will fit. You name it, we sell it! Our selection of dog ties for your dog's collar is just endless. Bow tie dog collar style dog bow ties, custom dog bow ties, designer dog bow ties, even wedding dog bow ties! 

What's your pet's neck wear style? Is your dog into polka dots? If so, check out the chic Grey and White Dots Dog Bow Tie. How about sports? Have yourself a baseball dog? If so, then the Baseball Dog Bow Tie would be for you! Or is your pup more on the posh side? If so, then one of our Tartan designer dog bow ties is the right choice for you!

Why are dog bow ties so popular these day you ask? Because they just look so darn cute! They are an affordable dog neck accessory that you can easily mix and match and pop on and off your dog's collar to make for an adorable doggy accessory. At Doggie Diva, we offer the best of the best in designer dog bow ties like Trish Hampton, custom dog bow toes like from Learned Stitch Works, and Bow Tie Dog Collars from Doggie Diva.

When dressing your pup up for special events, to celebrate the holidays or just for a good old fashioned doggy photo shoot, you are not going to want to forget your boy's dog bow tie. Our dog bow ties come in a variety of colors and fabrics and also come with the ability to match your dog's leash, harness and/or dog collar. Our dog bow tie collections connect to your dog's collar in a few different ways. They can slide on, velcro on, snap on, etc... Dog bow ties make amazing boy gifts as well!