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Collection: Celebrate Your Dog & the Holidays

Our doggies love nothing more than joining a good celebration with us, so dress them for the occasion in special outfits, just like you do yourself! Whether it's Christmas, Easter, or the 4th of July, any event you throw or attend your fur buddy can join in with the most appropriately accented tee shirts for all the fun and photo ops. Our tee shirts are stretchy, ribbed 100% cotton, completely machine washable and made in the USA. You will find sizes to fit from the tiniest Teacup to the larger Sporting and Working breed so no tail-wagger has to feel left out.

The lettering and artwork are silk-screened on the shirt with quality colors and sparkles meant to last for years. A St. Patrick’s Day parade, a Fourth of July celebration, Halloween, Mother’s, Father’s and grandparent’s days are all part of the selection in the tank top armhole tee shirt styles found right here at Doggie Diva. Pick out your pup’s best look for all the holiday parties, celebrations and family gatherings and be sure to include your precious four-pawed family member in all the portraits!