Doggies Ride in Ultimate Luxury with the Nicest Leather Dog carriers on the Market

Doggies Ride in Ultimate Luxury with the Nicest Leather Dog carriers on the Market

Pooches Drive in Best Luxury with the Most Elegant Leather Canine carriers on the Market
Call it fashion, style, elegance, class or chic, the nicest leather dog carriers on the market give you" the look" while your doggie goes with you in pure luxury. Two of Sissy’s friends have stories about their travels with pet-parents in the Jaraden Windsor and Petote Metro best Couture leather pet carriers.

FiFi Goes on an Elegant Shopping Trip With her Leather Dog Carrier

FiFi adores her Jaraden Windsor leather dog carrier , and her pet-mom looks fabulous when they travel together. FiFi is a black toy poodle, and she weighs only 6 pounds. Whenever her mom says, “Let’s go, FiFi,” she knows it is time to hop into her gorgeous genuine Italian leather dog purse carrier. On their last trip, FiFi was comfortably snoozing on her 1.5” covered pad when her mom set her down on a counter. FiFi peeped out the side window to see just what was going on around her. She saw sparkly crystal, china and silver on a granite counter next to her. She heard another lady commenting on the crocodile print leather purse while her mom unzipped the top to let FiFi out. The other lady could not get over how pretty the pink lining and padded dog pillow looked. Other people around were shocked to see FiFi emerge from her elegant Jaraden pet carrier because they thought her mom was carrying a Chanel purse with gold hardware and chain strap! FiFi rode around in her mom’s arms while they looked at all the shiny table settings, linens and flowers. Then the people started talking about food. She looked around to see what she could eat, so her mom opened up one of the large pockets on the carrier and gave FiFi a yummy dog biscuit. FiFi got back into her cozy perch when they were ready to leave. She heard the two women talk about “the wedding” and FiFi’s ears perked up. It seems there will be a wedding soon, and FiFI will be one of the bridesmaids. Hmmm. Wonder where FiFI’s pretty Jaraden leather carrier will take her next! 

FiGi Goes to an Awards Ceremony

Sissy’s friend, FiGi, the Italian Greyhound dude that lives next door to Sissy’s condo in town, goes to work with his pet-dad in the Petote Metro leather canine carrier.  FiGi’s dad is an architect, so they visit job sites and planning meetings. However, one day, FiGi was shocked to find his Petote couture dog carrier set on a table in a large Petote Leather Dog Carrierhotel lobby. He was almost ready to hop out of his cozy dog purse with the faux fur pad, but he quickly realized he had his internal safety tether attached. Instead, he popped his head out of the top of the pet carrier and observed what people were doing. There were elegant chandelier, large vases filled with flowers, large sofas, side chairs and large country scene paintings. He heard someone talking loudly to a small crowd gathered at the front desk, followed by applause. His pet-dad got him out of the Petote carrier and carried him to the front of the group. His dad said a few thank you’s while he held FiGi close to his chest as they walked around the lobby and talked to people. When it was time to go, FiGi hopped back into his leather dog purse carrier while his dad put a fancy plaque in the large zipper pocket. FiGi heard “congratulations” from many as they left. When they returned home, his pet-dad told his pet-mom all about the awards ceremony. It seems FiGi attended his dad’s latest architectural awards party for a beautiful old hotel that he redesigned. FiGi felt proud that his dad wanted him along. The stylish Petote Metro Couture carrier sure does take FiGi to some interesting locations! 

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