Doggie-Diva Boutique Helps You Celebrate National Doggie Day

Doggie-Diva Boutique Helps You Celebrate National Doggie Day

Doggie-Diva Boutique Helps You Celebrate National Dog Day

National Pooch Day is August 26th and you will definitely want to show your love and appreciation for your furry best friend! Here are a few ideas to celebrate the occasion, focused on your dog harness! 

Products that Protect Your Pet

Soft Dog Harness 

National Dog Day

It does not matter what size your pet is, you need a good dog harness for all those long doggie walks and trips to adventurous places. A collar and leash are great for variety and short walks. But how much does your pooch resist or get tired when you are leading him with a collar around his neck? A dog harness is the perfect answer for a pleasant trek with your precious pooch. The Puppia Soft Harness (19.50) fits your pet around the chest and shoulders with adjustable chest belt and quick release buckle. You and Fido or FiFi will love the airy mesh material that is chafe-free, machine washable and comes in a choice of 12 colors. Made to fit pets up to 4 lbs. in XS and up to 35 lbs. in XXL, you can order the size that is perfect for your doggie.

Horgan Dog Harness 

Dog Day Celebration

Larger fidos may be harder to handle on walks and through crowds, so the Horgan Harness ($29.95) is just right for stronger canines! The back leg soft straps make this harness one you can fully appreciate when you walk your pet and she decides to bolt after a squirrel! This Dog Harness is lightweight and has a strap system that is non-chafing and does not interfere with your doggie’s normal gait as you walk. Since dogs take off for a chase with their hind legs, the ingenious design of the Horgan keeps your otherwise obedient doggie in tow when she tries to dig in for a quick run! Watch the great video of the Doggie-Diva owner’s pet to be convinced that this harness will save lots of stress on your doggies and strain on your arm and back! The Doggie-Diva’s author pet, Sissy, is a true example of how great the harness is since she weighs almost 100 lbs. and has no idea how strong she is! 

The Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique Online has many products to help you protect your canine no matter what the circumstances. Life jackets, Leather Handle Leads, Elk Antler Chews, Sweaters, Shoes and Sunglasses are just a few ways to keep Fido safe! Treat your pooch to a nice present for National Canine Day or any of the upcoming holidays by browsing through our huge collection of doggie products that are truly unique and made with the highest quality.

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