Win an Antler Doggie Elk Treat

Win an Antler Doggie Elk Treat

Win a Treat for your Dog that is an Antler for Doggies!
WIN the contest with an Antler for Doggies, an Elk Treat from the Doggie-Diva Boutique to give your doggie the treat that lasts for months. Pets love to chew. Chewing is good for doggie teeth and gums. Canine chew treats come in many varieties. Why are Antlers for Dogs made of Elk the best chew treat you can give? Antler chews (elk) from the Doggie-Diva Boutique are harvested from the forest soon after the elk shed their antlers in the Fall. They are fresher than deer antlers and sturdier than any other chew you could ever give your best furry friend!

Enter the Antler that is Elk for the Doggie-Diva Boutique Treat Contest!

How? Write a comment below this announcement to tell us the following: What is your favorite Doggie-Diva Boutique product? How much does your pet love the product? We always enjoy reading comments from you and your pets in our reply sections on our blogs and Facebook. So let us hear from you to enter the drawing and win the Treat of Elk Antlers . Deadline for comments: December 31, 2014 Award Date: January 6, 2015 ***We will award an Elk Antler Treat sized appropriately for your doggie with the exception of the largest "mastiff" size.*** Happy Holiday Season, Your friends at the Doggie-Diva Dogs Boutique
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