Why Elk Antler Treats Are Popular Among Doggies

Why Elk Antler Treats Are Popular Among Doggies

Why Chews from Antlers Are Loved by Canines
The Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique is the home of the Elk Antler Chew, so we thought you might want to hear what our customers say. It is a doggie’s instinct from birth to bite on something, so we need to be sure the chewing is healthy as well as satisfying for our pooch. 

Australian Shepherd from Illinois:

He loves his elk antler so much that he carries it with him everywhere. He used to demolish his deer antler chews easily, but the elk antler is large and sturdy, so he enjoys a chew, lays it down, then chews some more later.

Elk antlers tasty chews are so strong that the doggie will tire after chewing awhile. He is trying to get to the nice soft bone marrow that is in the middle, so he does not lose interest and goes back to the bone when he feels like it. 

Mastiffs in Ohio:

My two mastiffs love their antler chews and enjoy teasing each other with them. One will pick up both in his big mouth to keep the other from getting to it. They chew on the antler every day and yet they last and last. 

Antler chews from elks are much stronger than other antlers since they are harvested fresh from the woods where elk have shed them. They are not treated with dyes or bleaches and are completely organic. 

Toy Poodle in Pennsylvania:

He has managed to destroy any small plastic toy I gave him, but the elk antlers are perfect. He can chew on them anywhere he wants because they do not leave any stain or mess. The small size fits his little mouth and keeps him from chewing on other things (like furniture!) 

Our small size is approximately 1-inch in diameter and 2-inches long, making them perfect for dogs under 7 lbs. Everyone loves that they do not splinter or leave a stain on the carpet and furniture. 

Springer Spaniel from Texas

My girl is a power chewer and demolishes even the best dog treats in one sitting. She loves the elk antler chews because they last and keep her entertained. The medium size is right for her, and I have already ordered more. 

We have four main sizes, small to extra-large and can get “mastiff size” by special order. We appreciate that you order in advance. Since the elk antlers are fresh and organic, we can sell out quickly, and there may be a short wait for our next supply.

When you are in search of strong dog treats for your chewing puppy or gnawing large breed, consider the value of the elk antler chews that lasts for months, leaves no mess, tastes great and is a healthy dental treat for your doggies.
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