Which Doggie Bed is Just Right?

Which Doggie Bed is Just Right?

Which Dog Bed is Just Right?

Hello, it’s your friend Bubba. I am here to talk to you about getting a dog bed that will fit the crankiest to the tiniest doggie in your life! My buddies at Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique have a huge selection of pet beds. ($22.95-$159.95)

Eco Nap Eco Friendly Dog Mat by West Paw Designs ($29.95)

My little sister, Sissy, slept in her crate until she was 4 years old. This Eco Nap Eco Friendly Dog Mat lined the bottom of her crate, with a pillow and a couple of airline blankets for her to bunch around the sides of her crate. The mat is nice and thick. It is made from recycled materials and the cover is very fluffy with something called “intelliloft” fiber. That mat has been washed so many times that I am shocked she can still use it. The material is so sturdy that two years later, she now sleeps on her Eco Friendly Mat next to Mom’s side of the bed, with a big quilted comforter on top. Sissy finally graduated to a real dog bed, but she refused to give up her pretty red ember glow mat. I think I will just get her a green tea mat for her birthday this year! I could have one too if I wanted because they make them from Small to Extra Large. But, we’ll get to MY bed in a few lines.

Organic Bumper Dog Bed ($79.00)

You know how much I like our next-door neighbor, Conway, the Shih Tzu. We saw him on his pool deck with the coolest new Bumper Dog Bed and we just had to pay him a visit! His bed is shaped like a donut with a nice cushy center and padded bumpers. We took turns curling up, on his snazzy pet bed, but Sissy and I were too big to stay there long. Conway’s bed is small, but he says they come in Extra Small to Extra Large if we can talk our parents into getting us one. He likes to use his on the pool deck because the nice organic cotton material keeps him dry and cozy. His Dad likes the bed because he can unzip the cover to wash the padding and cover separately. Conway’s gold bed looks great on his wooden deck and lanai. When we looked online at doggie-diva.com, Sissy said she liked the Huckleberry purple bed. I will have to think about that for her birthday instead of another Eco Nap Mat.

Tuckered Out Dog Bed ($79.00)

Now this is MY bed! It has nice padded bumpers for me to rest my head. It is open in the front so I don’t have to step into it. The Berber cotton cover is oh so soft and cozy. They do use the word “orthopedic” when they describe this bed. Well, let’s face it. I am 13 years old and I deserve a lot of back and hip support when I rest and sleep. Little puppies would also like this bed because they can snuggle in, just as if it was their fur mommy.

You must read all the details about the care and work that goes into the dog beds at the Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique. They are all made with Intelliloft fibers that are recycled from plastic soda bottles. “Third party” people test them all for safety and durability. (Can’t you just see working dogs taking a nap to test a dog bed?) They are made in the USA and everything is machine washable. Now excuse me, please, it is time for my afternoon nap. I have already walked with my dad for two miles today and I am just plain tuckered!
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