Try Elk Antlers for Doggies To Satisfy the Need to Chew

Try Elk Antlers for Doggies To Satisfy the Need to Chew

Elk Antlers for Dogs Will Satisfy Your Dog’s Need to Chew

Since doggies are domesticated descendants of wolves, some of the habits of their ancestors can be beneficial to dog health. Elk antlers for dogs are a natural way to give your canine partner much needed nutrients while giving him a chew they love to taste. 

Why Pick Antlers from Elks for Your Dog to Chew 

The outside of an elk antler contains calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, while the inside marrow is loaded with growth and meat rich nutrients. Dogs need calcium for joints and bones, just like humans do. Dogs love to chew on something hard to massage their gums and clean teeth. Therefore, you will want a bone that is not only hard enough to withstand the dedicated chewer, but also long-lasting to keep your dog coming back for more. 

Which Chews are Best? 

Good chews: 

  • Tough enough to last and become a favorite treat 

  • The right size for your dog’s mouth; large enough to prevent swallowing and choking 

  • Entertaining in shape or taste to keep your dog challenged 

Bad Chews: 

  • Cooked bones; they can tear and splinter 

  • Rib, chicken or raw meat bones can cause digestive distress 

  • Mass produced package bones may be chemically treated or dyed 

What Should an Elk Antler Look Like? 

Male elk shed and regrow their antlers annually. Reputable harvesters know where elk winter and are ready from February to April to obtain fresh antlers from forests. The natural habitat is where wolves learned to chew elk antlers. There are also elk farms that raise and harvest the herd's antlers when they shed.

Color: Ranges from brown to white, with brown being the freshest and white indicating older and drier. Brown, cream and off-white are the colors you will commonly find for elk dog chew treats. 

Size: From small to “huge” antlers, depending upon the age of the elk. The shapes of elk antlers will also vary based upon how they look when they are harvested. Some may have three ends, others only two. 

Taste: The appearance of the pinkish to white marrow on the end of each side is what the doggie is after when he chews vigorously on the antler bone. He will give up after a while and come back for more, meaning the antlers will last a long time. 

The Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique is a firm believer in the benefits of Elk Antlers for pets, as shown in the true  on the website. You will enjoy seeing and hearing about the value of giving your doggie-love, the best and healthiest chew treat he can have for his jaws and paws.

Research Resource: The Alberta Elk Industry Farm Enterprise Manual. Alberta Agriculture, 2005

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