Ten Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots to Check Out This Summer

Ten Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots to Check Out This Summer

Have you been making plans for a vacation? Are you hoping to find a pet-friendly vacation spot? Your friends at Doggie Diva know how much we all love our dogs and do not want to leave them behind. After all, they are part of the family too. That is why we have compiled a list of ten beautiful vacation spots that will be perfect for your whole family, including the family dog.

  1. Fort Myers, Florida, has many beautiful resorts that are pet-friendly. What a lovely place to spend your vacation. Your dog will enjoy walking on the beach with you. This is a nice place for your family to relax and enjoy being together.
  1. San Diego, California, has an impressive variety of pet-friendly hotels. There are many activities to do, such as hiking through the trails in East County or walking along a dog-friendly beach. This would be a great getaway choice.
  1. Colorado Springs, Colorado, has plenty of fun waiting for a family that includes a furry member. There are even pet-friendly shops to browse through. There are gondola rides where pets are permitted. A peaceful ride down a calm stream would be rejuvenating.
  1. Lake Placid, New York, has an array of pet-friendly rentals. It might be hard to choose from a waterfront getaway or a wooded retreat.
  1. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, has become a place where pets are so common that store owners will often set out bowls of water for their four-legged customers.
  1. Saint Croix, Virgin Islands, is a pet-friendly place with beautiful, clear water and scenery that is breathtaking.
  1. Grand Canyon, Arizona, allows dogs on hiking trails above the rim. What a perfect place for hikers to take their dogs for some outdoor fun.
  1. Waterbury, Vermont, has a famous ice cream shop where dogs are most welcome. You can even buy doggie ice cream for your dog.
  1. Glacier National Park, Montana, welcomes dogs in developed areas. You can take your pet on a boat ride.
  1. New Orleans, Louisiana, has pet-friendly cafes and cabins on Toledo Bend Lake. The view is absolutely stunning.

We hope this list will be helpful to all who are planning to take their beloved dog on your next family vacation. Be sure to check out the website for personalized dog collars, strollers for dogs, and so much more to show off your vacation!

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