Stir from Pooch Strolling Carriages at Dog Park

Stir from Pooch Strolling Carriages at Dog Park

Doggie Best Strollers Cause Stir at Dog Park Reported by Caramel, the Cat

Hello pet people. I enjoy a trip to the “pet” park as much as anyone does, but last Saturday took the cake (or the catnip.) I get to ride in my doggie pet stroller that has a safety harness so I will not be tempted to chase birdies. My pet-mom bought the stroller at the Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique stroller collection ($89.95-$284.95) where you can find many styles of strollers for cats, rabbits or dogs.

Strolling with my Pet-Mom

As a spoiled rotten Persian feline, I am very lucky to have a pet-mom who enjoys taking me places in my PetZip Walkie Pet Stroller. ($119.95) This jazzy number has a comfy pad for me to curl up while we stroll. When we stop, I have great mesh windows I can look through to catch all the action. The ride is comfortable because the wheels are designed to glide over stumps and bumps. Good rear brakes keep me from rolling downhill if pet-mom stops to chat. At the park last Saturday, we chilled under a nice shade tree when out from nowhere a big bird decided to dive-bomb my stroller! I was not afraid of any old bird trying to get to me. After all, I am a cat, and I chase birds. My pet-mom made sure I could not leap out as she zipped up my cover so I could see through the mesh windows. Then she took her newspaper and quickly swatted at the bird on its next dive. That mean crow flew away to bother some other poor kitty that did not have a stroller or a pet-mom!

A Chat with Conway the Shih Tzu

Since my mom and I were in a shady spot next to a large bench and water fountain, our friends liked to sit with us. Our country friend Conway and his pet-dad plopped down beside us, but I could not see Conway. He was in his EVA Pet Wheeled PetZip Combo Dog Carrier. ($99.95) At first, I thought Conway’s dad was alone while rolling his suitcase with him. They fooled me! When Conway’s dad set the rolling suitcase flat and lowered the long handle, he unzipped the top and out popped Conway! He came over to my Walkie Stroller and we bumped noses when mom lifted the top of my stroller. I was still secure, though, because I had on my safety strap. We thought Conway’s combo stroller was the neatest idea. He had a nice mesh window like mine. His ride was smooth with wheels that glided over sidewalks and curbs. But, guess who came back to break up our little park party! Yep that old crow came squawking back at us and dove at poor Conway then skimmed over our pet-parents’ heads. When both my mom and Conway’s dad stood up, however, the crow backed off a little. But he still sat in a tree nearby to fuss at us with his “caw-caw” speech. 

Time to Jog Back Home

All of us could see a running figure coming toward us with a snazzy stroller in front of her. It was my pet-mom’s best friend and her Poodle, Pookie. The PetZip 1st Class Dog Jogger ($159.95) is a fast pet vehicle with three over-sized wheels to handle any kind of ground they may cover. Pookie was not feeling so great, so she stayed in her 1st class stroller while our parents chatted and laughed. Everyone had snacks and water that came from pouches and trays in our strollers. In fact, we were all just having a nice quiet conversation under the shade tree when the diving bird started again. Only this time, the bird brought a couple of friends. The humans had to cover their heads to avoid being pecked by these pesky birds. Pookie, Conway and I were all zipped back up in our strollers. Our parents used a magazine, newspaper and umbrella to fan away the bird bombers. We all decided to exit the park and head for safe home territory.

As we left, the strangest thing happened. The birds perched on the path in front of us and stood there. Since cats, dogs and birds can talk to each other; the three of us listened to the chief bird when he spoke. He explained how the city parks belonged to the birds until people found they could stroll or jog around with their prissy pets. The birds wanted to be sure that we would not harm their plants, trees and worm supply. We assured them that we were just park-visitors who have a lot of respect for all of nature. The birds flew away to let us pass. They shouted a friendly farewell, since we understood each other. 

See how much fun you can have with doggie pet strollers? There are many sizes, types and colors to find exactly what you want when you browse the Pet Stroller Collection at the doggie-Diva Dog Boutique.
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