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It's Time for Pure NFL Dog Clothing or Accessories

We know. The basketball season is almost over, and we are only beginning baseball. But, we also know how much you and your pooch like to dress for the “Big Game” so order your genuine NFL poochie products now at the Doggie-Diva NFL Pet Products Store
NFL teams are named by their location and some sort of bird, animal or warrior that defines their image. The NFL officially licenses Doggie-Diva's NFL clothing and accessories. The dog jerseys are all sizes and come in team colors with sleeve logo patches. To observe the winning bird Superbowl team, Seattle Seahawks, we will review the NFL teams with bird names with logos on their uniforms.

Seattle Seahawks ($29.95)

The Seahawk dog jersey in its beautiful deep blue with white and silver trim looks as good on a Chihuahua as it does on a Golden Retriever. Remember how Seattle just plunged into the Broncos during the Superbowl? Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique understands how much you like competition, so put on those football pet clothes and squawk like a Seahawk!

Atlanta Falcons ($29.95)

Sure, the Falcons had a rough season last year, but that’s no reason to give up. The Atlanta Falcons will certainly swoop down the field in 2014 to pick off prey from their opponents. Get a great looking NFL Falcon jersey for your favorite four-legged pal so you can run with the best. The Atlanta Black, White and Red colors stand out on the jersey with an awesome Falcon logo on each sleeve. Get out there with your NFL dog jerseys and play some catch!

Arizona Cardinals ($29.95)

Who can resist the rich red Arizona Cardinal jersey? Your doggie will love wearing this deep red jersey with an official Arizona Cardinal patch on each sleeve. Even if this is not “your” team, your black miniature poodle or black Lab will look gorgeous in colorful NFL canine clothes. Girls, don your NFL girl clothes and take your best buddy for a walk. You do not have to wait for football season to show your colors!

Baltimore Ravens ($29.95)

Deep purple and silver make the dog football jersey for the Baltimore Ravens an eye-catcher. The official Ravens patches on the sleeves make an impressive fashion and football statement on Bowser or FiFi. Match the jersey with a collar and leash, so there will be no doubt, about which team you support. Ravens like to flock together, so join the parade of fans with your cool matching jerseys. 

The Doggie-Diva genuine NFL Dog Accessories and Supplies store has everything you need to gear up for football season. Order now to be ahead of the game and start planning your football weekend gatherings. 

You can get these and many more football pet supplies quickly by contacting us at (516) 384-0977 (email for quicker response
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