Puppy Dog Purses Prevent Pets From Slipping Away

Puppy Dog Purses Prevent Pets From Slipping Away

 Doggie Carriers that Are Puppy Purses Stop Animals From Slipping Away
Enjoy the last bits of summers sunshine along with the traditional Labor Day picnics and parades without having to worry about your pet getting away when you use a dog purse carrier. Being around so many new people and sensations can be overwhelming for your pet and she may attempt to slip her collar and enjoy the sights without you. With a versatile puppy purse carrier your canine is placed in a harness to keep her nearby.

Your dog can still get plenty of exercise, as the Purse Carrier strap acts as a leash so you can walk your dog normally while you watch the parade or go to the park. However, when the crowd gets thick or your dog becomes anxious,you can pick your pet up and carry her in the harness like a shoulder bag or carry it like you would any other purse. She will remain comfortable and be kept out of harm's way. You can add a carrier pad for extra comfort! 

While the purses come in many different colors such as leopard and cuddle bunny, the size is the most important aspect for your pooch to be comfortable. To determine your pup's size, you need to use a tape measure and record his or her chest size, length along the spine and length from leg to leg. Record the measurements and compare them to each purse's size chart.
  • Chest: This is the most important Puppy Bag Carrier measurement. Wrap the tape measure around your dog's girth from just behind the forelegs, at the widest part of the chest/rib cage.
  • Spine Length: Measure the distance between the base of the dog's neck and the base of the tail for the spine length.
  • Leg-to-Leg Length: Measure the distance between the front of the foreleg and the front of the hind leg.
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