Protect Your Doggie with Handy Dog Carriers and Safe Harnesses

Protect Your Doggie with Handy Dog Carriers and Safe Harnesses

Protect Your Canine

When you and your pet leave home, you can protect your doggie by keeping your fur best friend close to you. Even though the rare case of Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (CIRD dog flu outbreak is concentrated in the Midwest U.S. at the moment, you still need to use caution when you take your Pooches out for socialization. Here are Doggie-Diva Boutique Products to keep your pets safe and healthy.

Slings to Protect Your Dogs

Carrier Convenience and Protection

The BK Atelier Dog Carrier Bridget Charcoal ($265.50) is a handmade dog carrier that is made with all natural vegan materials to give you and your dog the ultimate in comfort. Soft-sided, this pet carrier bag is ventilated with over 400 grommets in the fabric. You can use the removable terry lining to give your pet added protection. An additional shoulder strap can be attached for cross-body carrying and your pup will have his own safety strap on the interior. Measuring 18"L x 12"W x 9.5H,”the Toy breeds, Bichon, Yorkie and Small Terriers are perfect for this lightweight carrier. Easy to clean padding, interior and exterior materials make the BK Atelier bag a healthy choice for taking your precious pup everywhere with you.

Harness Protection

The Doggie-Diva Boutique is passionate about keeping our dogs safe when we walk them on-leash for socialization. Here are two of our harnesses to provide that protection. 

The Puppia Soft Rite-Fit Adjustable Dog Harness / Soft Collar ($22.50) is a superior design made from soft mesh material that gives your dog maximum support and comfort around the neck and shoulders. Available in sizes Small (for 4-8 lbs.) up to XL (for sizes 15-25 lbs.) you will be assured of a perfect fit for your pup, growing dog and mature special sized pup. You have a huge choice of colors, so fit your style while keeping your pet at a safe distance from sniffs and nose bumps with other canines.

The Horgan Dog Harness: A No Pull Back Leg Dog Harness ($29.95-$39.95)
This ergonomic back leg harness is the perfect answer for strong or larger dogs that insist on being super friendly! The design fits comfortably over your dog’s back with back-leg straps that keep her from pulling. Actually, a short training session and many walks with your dog will make him or her a better companion for you and even your children or grand mom. 

Personal Note: This writer has the Horgan Harness in Large (Sissy weighs right at 100 lbs. and it is a wonderful way for me to walk her in the “big park” as well as on city sidewalks. She knows she is my side-by-side companion when she is in this harness!

When you are concerned about your dog’s exposure to contagious illnesses, allergies, other dog aggression or your dog’s nervousness, you can put your mind at ease with these specially designed dog products to protect your dog.
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