Pick Gifts for Doggie Lovers They Would Not Buy Themselves

Find Unique and Special Gifts for Dog Lover Friends and Family

The ease of shopping online, grabbing a dog treat at the pet store and buying a “little something” for your dog lover friends and family may result in unnecessary gifts that will not last or are duplicates. Why not spend some time thinking about what your passionate pet loving friend would not bother to get for their beloved canine. Maybe the item costs more than they can currently afford. Or maybe they have just not thought of the great idea you have for their gift. The Doggie Diva Dog Boutique online is ready to help you be the most popular gift giver this year!

Pet Purse Carriers

Small dogs and even some felines (under 12 lbs.) love to travel with their masters. It does not matter if it is a trip to the park, a lunch with the girls, or a day at the office; doggie companions are social “pack” animals. A dog carrier is the ideal way to fit a fur partner into a cozy environment with a plush lining, padded pillow, safety tether and ventilation windows to peek out or stick their head out for petting. The Mia Michelle pet bags (159.50) by Doggie Design are perfect to fit the travel needs of your favorite niece’s or nephew’s cute Bichon Frise. The purses are made from faux pebble leather that looks like a handbag, with handles and removable shoulder strap to make it easy to pick up and go with their “baby!” In three colors: black, mocha and caramel, this very affordable dog purse carrier is one your small dog-loving friends will thank you for all year.

Elk Antler Dog Chew Treats

Dogs of all sizes like to chew! Puppies are especially challenging to a new master, because they need to chew away those baby teeth to make room for their adult choppers! Adult and mature dogs like to chew, as part of their instinct, but your furniture, shoes and children’s toys are not an option! Also, letting pooches chew on the appropriate bones proves to be beneficial for doggie dental health. At Doggie Diva, we have Elk Antler Dog treats ($9.95 to $37.95) in sizes Small for pups under 7 lbs. to XL for dogs up to 80 lbs. We also have “mastiff” sized ($64.95) (forearm size) for dogs 60 lbs. and up. You may ask, “Why would I want to give an Elk Antler Treat to my family and friends with K9s?” Elk Antlers are harvested annually from forests where the elk have shed them, which means they are fresh. They do not splinter and make a mess when dogs chew on them. Completely natural, healthy and organic antlers are never treated with chemicals! Available in so many sizes that little pups up to large working and sporting breeds will have a new favorite chew treat that lasts! Yes, these antlers are tough enough to last for months. The tasty bone surround san equally yummy center of marrow that the dogs try to get to so they chew until tired and you can put the treat away for another day. We promise these elk antler treats will be a great gift for your own doggies and furry friends, since they last longer than deer antlers, do not splinter and stain like rawhide bones and the value for treat quality and lasting power is huge!

You can email, call, text and chat online with us for advice on the right gifts for all the furry tail-waggers in your life! Check out our selections of unique and special pet apparel, college sports products, small and large dog toys, accessories and travel gear. IN ADDITION…we have daily specials and continuous discounts...
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