Pet Accessories and Toys for Happy and Healthy Dogs

Pet Accessories and Toys for Happy and Healthy Dogs

Best Pet Accessories and Toys doesn't Necessarily Have to Mean Expensive Dog Accessories

Large and small Dog accessories can add a little extra to your doggie’s life. And the best presents are also excellent for your pooch in many ways, so we’ve found for you some of our best treats, toys anddoggie accessories. They’ll make your pup a happy one and most likely he will grin from ear to ear.

First off, we want to show off the Doggles Dog Sunglasses that not only make your pet look cool, but protect his eyes in the process. Available in nine different colors -- shiny pink, metallic black, shiny red, green camo, shiny blue, neon yellow, black w/ flames, lilac flowers and chrome -- Doggles are commonly used by K-9 units, search and rescue and military doggies. 
Protect your pup’s eyes from the sun’s UV rays (which are amplified when on the water or in the snow), debris, dust or sand in the air, and other objects that your Fido might get into his eyes when hanging his head out the car window or while in the back of a truck. These are also great for dogsters who have just undergone eye surgery -- it prevents them from touching their eyes while they heal.

If your doggie is a pool lover, he will love the Get Wet Duck Pool Toy ($12.49). Ideal for playing fetch in pools, lakes or rivers -- just make sure the water is safe for your canine to enter before tossing this in! It’s made of neoprene with embroidery added for detail and it has a tennis ball belly.
  • Take your Fido to the park or the beach and let him enjoy his time outdoors with some exercise! Zisc Eco Friendly Discs ($10.95) are great for playing catch and having your pet practice his jumping skills. With a well-placed throw, you can send your doggie far and get him all tuckered out for the ride home. Soft and pliable, these are easy on your dog’s mouth and they’re 100% recyclable and are made from non-toxic materials. They’re also dishwasher safe and come in two sizes!

Check out our full selection of furry friend large and small dog accessories and toys in our online dog boutique! Doggie Diva provided some of the best and non-expensive dog accessories on the market today!

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