Personalized Rhinestone Doggie Collars for the New Year

Personalized Rhinestone Doggie Collars for the New Year

 Personalized Rhinestone Dog Collars for the New Year

2016 is finally here! The champagne has been drunk and the leftover Christmas turkey has been finished off, but it may not feel like you have a new lease on life yet. New Years Eve is often considered to be one of those days where you feel motivated to move your life forward, but it can be so easy to get into a rut quite soon after the new year beings. In a small way, rhinestone pooch collars may help remind you to keep that motivation longer. 

Although it may sound odd, these customized pet collars really stand out on your pest and are more likely to catch your eye than your list of resolutions buried under your to-read stack of books. While you could stick to using your dogs name or another cute phrase, our custom four-legged friend collars could also be a one or two word reminder for you. This can especially be fun when your resolution is Fido-related, such as "Walk Me!"

Personal goals can also work. Want to lose weight? Put workout on the custom collar. Is one of your resolutions money related? Spell out what you want to put the money toward to remind you to save a little extra, such as house, college fund or savings. 

Consider the customized collar as a small investment into your resolution. It may help you keep it this year. As a bonus, even considering doing this will ensure you evaluate the difficulty of your resolution and whether it is actually possible. Unfortunately, some people fail to keep their resolutions because the goals are unattainable in a years time.

This year our resolution is the same as it is every year: To provide the best luxury doggie products possible!
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