Meeting at the Vet in Strollers for Large Dogs

Meeting at the Vet in Strollers for Large Dogs

Trips to the veterinarian can be easier when you take your pets in strollers for large dogs. That's right, doggie strollers. Most pets get a sense of anxiety when you enter the door of your veterinary office. The Doggie-Diva Boutique has a solution for you and your pets with PetZip large pet strollers that can accommodate up to 40-75 lbs. When we took Sissy and Bubba on their last annual physical, here is what we saw.

Handsome Terrier in for a Checkup

A cute Terrier mix dog was perched in his PetZip Sports XL Dog Stroller ($119.95) waiting with his pet-dad for the doctor. They told us that the dog stroller is an Extra Large (XL) to carry the Terrier when they go for walks and even jogging around the park. They found the big dog stroller online at the Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique, where there were many styles of big dog joggers. They chose the Sports XL because they are very active. The Terrier goes with his mom when she takes her daily run around the neighborhood. He likes to go with his pet-dad for long weekend strolls in town. The Terrier does not run like he used to because he is nine years old. He still loves to be with his pet-parents, though, so they pack up a blanket and treats for him in the handy cart tray. The Terrier appreciates the roomy carriage and zip-up screen that keeps him cool and dry. When the Vet Tech called them back, we laughed as he poked his head out and wagged his tail. He did not seem to be stressed at all! We can't say enough for doggie strollers.

Two Dachshunds in a Blue Carriage - Doggie Strollers

The next PetZip Happy Trailer Dog Jogging Stroller ($279.95) contained TWO adorable Dachshunds. Their pet-mom told us they are sisters, and they both raced in last weekend’s Weiner Race. Although neither of the pups won the race, they had a great time trying. The Happy Trailer Jogging Stroller was outfitted with three wheels that included an extra large one in the front. The pet-mom said she loves to take these two doggies in doggie strollers with her on her long distance jogs in the country because the wheels can handle different roads and terrain, so the ride is not bumpy for the pups. Both dogs together weigh 55 lbs. We were amazed at how well they fit in the carriage together. When they left the Vet’s office, we watched as the pet-mom hooked the doggie stroller to the back of her bicycle, lowered the 3-tiered canopy and took off with the pups riding comfortably behind in their bicycle dog stroller! We love doggie strollers!

Is that a Dog? A Cat? A Rabbit?

Just before we were called back for Sissy and Bubba’s physical, in rolled a cool PetZip 1st Class Dog Jogger in Camouflage. ($149.95) The pet-dad had on is Army uniform, and the snazzy dog jogger was a real eye-catcher. We waited to see what sort of dog hid in the doggie stroller. When the dad unzipped the mesh window, there was no doggie to pop his head up. Maybe there was a cat inside. To our great surprise, the soldier picked up a HUGE rabbit in his arms while he quickly collapsed the doggie stroller with just one hand. We listened as he explained the rabbit was found near their home hiding in some bushes, and he borrowed his dog’s stroller to bring the rabbit to the Vet. He feared the rabbit might be injured or sick, and he wanted to get it checked out before he found the rabbit a home. When we asked the soldier about the stroller, he told us how he and his Boxer dog use it for jogging and taking trips. He had just returned from a deployment, and he loved that his wife bought this great 1st Class Dog Jogger from Doggie-Diva Boutique, so he could take his Boxer with him. He said his dog like to go with him to the K-9 military unit to mingle with soldier dogs. What a lucky dog and great pet-dad! Doggie strollers are great!

When we returned home, we went to the Doggie-Diva Boutique online to view the strollers for large dogs. There were many for dogs up to 45 lbs. and then there was one for dogs up to 75 lbs. (The one that held the two dachshunds) We were very impressed with the selection. Sissy and Bubba passed their checkup and weighed a lot more than 75 lbs. each. So, we spent our time online looking for other Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique items for us to buy. Elk Antlers for Dogs, anyone? And always doggie strollers!
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