How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy Every Day of Their Lives

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy Every Day of Their Lives

A Happy and Healthy Four-Legged Friend

As a doggie owner, we our completely responsible for our pet be it a dog, cat or rat and so you need to ensure you can keep your dog healthy. When your canine gets sick, he can't just pay the bill himself. Your dogster needs you, but if you don't want to foot a huge medical bill, there are some steps you can take to mitigate the need.

No owner wants to pay large sums of cash to save their doggie's life. While some circumstances are unpredictable, you are not helpless in helping your pup lead a long and healthy life.

3 Tips to Keeping Your Pet Healthy

  1. Get all the vaccinations. This is a pretty basic one, but a surprising number of pets do not have all their vaccinations. Many of the diseases they protect against are fatal once contracted, such as rabies, so there is little chance of getting a post-infection vaccination that will be effective. If you are short on cash, try finding a clinic in your area that offers discounted vaccination days. Local animal shelters can also be used as a resource if you don't know where to find vaccination clinics.
  2. Know the common problems for your dog's breed. Every breed of pooch has its own unique traits, which come with both negative and positive qualities. When you know the common medical issues that are likely to come up, you are more likely to catch them before they become major problems. For example, boxers are prone to conditions such as hip dysplasia, corneal ulcers and cardiomyopathy.
  3. Take your poochie in if you suspect something is wrong. Medical costs can be high, even for pets, but your pet really does deserve to be healthy. If you notice a change in your doggie's behavior that persists or signs of a medical problem, make an appointment immediately. It will your dog healthy and happy!
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