Help Close the Doggie Mill Loophole With the Humane Society

Help Close the Doggie Mill Loophole With the Humane Society

Help Close the Puppy Mill Loophole With the Humane Society

If you hate the thought of any dog gie-- much less your own precious pooch -- being cooped up in a small cage next to hundreds of other unfortunate pups, consider joining The Humane Society of the United States in its petition to urge the White House to close a loophole that prevents thousands of puppy mills from being regularly inspected. While you may not be a fan of internet-based petitions, this one is different.
Unlike other web petitions, this petition is much more likely to make a difference. The White House stated it will respond to any petition that gathers over 5,000 signatures by Oct. 23 – the Humane Society reached that goal over the course of a few days, but you can help the petition stand out by adding your name to the total signature count.

What are the Humane Society's Concerns about puppy mills? In case you don't know, puppy mills are commercial breeding facilities. These are common characteristics of puppy farms:
  1. Petss constantly kept in small cages
  2. Lack of proper ongoing sanitation
  3. Not always enough clean food and water
  4. No love or attention
  5. Lack of proper veterinary care
  6. No exercise
  7. Puppies produced often sickly
According to the Humane Society, less than half of the roughly 10,000 puppy mills are licensed because a loophole in the law requires only wholesale breeders to obtain a license and be inspected regularly.

To help ensure canines all over the country are protected against such cruelty, help the Humane Society get the White House's attention focused on this issue. 

If you want to help the Humane Society out in other ways, you can also volunteer or donate to your local Humane Society shelter. Popular donation items are beds or treats like Elk Antlers for Dogs.

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