Four years in the making and they are FINALLY back!…Kwigy-Bo Alex, Alex Luxe and Alexa Dog Carriers, are they here to stay?

Kwigy-Bo Alex, Luxe & Alexa Dog Carriers in brown and black, larges and smalls...They are back FINALLY!!!

At last…back by huge demand, Kwigy-Bo Dog Carrier Designers have put your favorite pet purses back into production! The Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique online store is excited to give you these favorites once again, since you have patiently waited for almost four years!

Would you believe Kwigy-Bo dog carriers are so popular that we have an over 250 person waiting list waiting spanning between the past four years for these things? So what is the buzz all about you say? Well, Kwigy-Bo could possibly be one of the most popular pet carriers to hit the market in decades! Yes, I said it! They are sleek, they are fashionable, they look like a designer handbag; they are light weight, comfy, under two hundred bucks, they fully conceal and they are airline approved for most airlines. What more could you want in a dog carrier???

When you have a sweet little Teacup or Toy breed, or even a brand new puppy, the Alex Black Small and the Alex Brown Small sizes are absolutely what you need for puppy dog transportation! For pets up to five or six pounds, the small size is 15" length x 6" width x 8" height, which means it, will fit handily under the seat in front of you on a commercial flight. These carriers for pets hang smartly on your shoulder or in your hand without bulkiness or bunching. The material is typical luxury bag designer Kwigy-Bo quilted nylon, reminiscent of the classic Chanel in your closet. The interior removable quilted pad keeps your little BFF cozy and secure. Internal and outer pockets give you room for those little extras you and your puppy need. Double padded handles are made with your comfort and ease of carrying your pet in mind. Side privacy windows can be rolled up to give the ventilation your pup requires while she peeks out at your surroundings.

The Alex Luxe dog carrier in Black is also back in the Small size (only smalls for now). Luxe means the quilted handbag style with silver tone hardware is accentuated with woven pet-friendly leather and chain straps to give you that unmistakable designer look and the fabric has a more high end look and feel! The sophisticated Alex style is also present in Luxe with extra pockets, padded removable pillow and plush interior for your little buddy to enjoy while he sleeps or simply rides along. For ten dollars more, the KB Alex Luxe may be your right choice!

Kwigy-Bo dog carrier designers are also releasing the long awaited and ever so popular Alexa Collection in Black and Brown in Large (no smalls yet, sorry)! The size for this elegant Bag in Brown or black is 17" length x 8" width x 11" height for pets that weigh up to 12-14 pounds. Also, airline approved, your doggie will have room to stand up, turn around and nest while riding under the seat in front of you. You and your little fur pal will also love the quilted luxury of the exterior and removable pad. Pockets give you more space for your own basic items and your baby’s chew toys, treats and whatever else the two of you may want to carry. Here at the Doggie-Diva Boutique, we love the attention to detail and quality of Kwigy-Bo pet carriers and are just thrilled to bring you back these Alex and Alexa pet purse designs in the sizes and colors you have requested!

Doggie Diva is currently taking pre-orders for all of the new styles coming in with an approximate ship date of December 10th 2015, just in time for the holidays! Imagine surprising your loved one with a luxury pet carrier that they have not been able to get their hands on for the past four years??? Also still available, is the Kwigy-Bo Black Alex Large, Alexa Camouflage Large and Alex Luxe Silver Small dog carriers! Order your newest Kwigy-Bo Alexa and Alex Pet Carriers now in the right size and fit for you and your own furry partner or friends who would love to have one for their own pets! 

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