Don’t Forget Your Valentine Gifts for Doggies

Don’t Forget Your Valentine Gifts for Doggies

Don’t Forget Your Valentine Pup Gifts 

Let’s be real, people, doggies can get embarrassed when we get your gifts of silly holiday specific attire! Us doggies would much rather have color and pizazz in our neckwear. Here are some Red Dogs Collars, Dog Collar Flowers and Dogs Collar Bow Ties we would really like to have for our Valentine gifts for dogs this year!

Start with a Basic Dogs Collar

We are always smelling the flowers (and other things) so understand that pets of all sizes and shapes look good in an attention getting color. When you put a red dogs collar on our necks, we stand out in a crowd, we are making a power statement and besides, you can easily spot us when we take off sniffing a trail!

The Doggie-Diva Boutique has the traditional Hearts Dogs Collar ($14.50) which is black and covered with pretty red hearts. Another classic choice is the Snakeskin Custom Dogs Collar in the same color($9.50) to which you can add custom symbols…like hearts…plus letters in rhinestone bling to truly show how much you care. 

For Girly dogs add a Reddish Dog Collar Flower

I am not what you would call a “prissy” dog, but I still appreciate a feminine touch in my wardrobe! Pretty red dogs collar flowers make us girls strut with style on any springy or summery day when you attach one to a nice cotton dog collar. 

While we certainly love the collar Lovebug for ($27.50) with pretty red and a pink ribbon with white polka dots. 

For Manly Dogs add a Red Dogs Bow Tie

Let me tell you what turns my head…a handsome doggie dude wearing a dogs collar bow tie! Oh, wow! I like nothing more than seeing my best male dog buddies, Conway, Bruiser and King with a power tie like these reddish bow ties for dogs.

Whether you are outfitting the coolest Jack Russell or the biggest Collie, nothing says good taste like a Red Bow Tie. 

Since I am telling you all our dog dress secrets, here is one more. Get ready for March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day by planning ahead to get us the absolutely BEST green dog collars, flowers and bow ties at the Doggie-Diva Boutique. Now go ahead, hug your furry best girl or boy and enjoy sharing Valentine gifts for dogs with the one you really love the most!
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