Doggie Moms of the World Thanks!

Doggie Moms of the World Thanks!

A Thank-You for Doggie Moms of the World!

My doggie mom is the sweetest person in the world. She gets everything for me…food, water, a special harness, pretty collars and treats at the dog store online, of course! The most important thing she gives me is love, love, love. We curl up on the couch together for naps and TV. We sleep next to each other…her and Dad in their bed and me in my bed on the floor. For Mother’s Day, my brother, Bubba and I have a funny card to give her from both of us, thanks to our doggie dad!
Here are some other appreciative dogs who love what their mom’s gave them from the Boutique for Doggies called Doggie-Diva. .

Dog Carrier Purse ($49.50-$349.50)

Cha Cha the Chihuahua writes, “Thank you, mom, for getting me the roomy Kwigy-Bo doggie purse carrier at the online pet boutique . It is so soft inside and I love it when you take me with you wherever you go. I am glad the canine purse that is a carrier is pretty for you to carry and lightweight enough for me to ride along!”

MiMi the Maltese said, “Mom, you are the best! You hide me in my super luxurious Jaraden Getaway dog purse carrier and take me to the most fun places. I can peep out through the mesh side and top windows to see what is going on and the cushioned pad I curl up on is perfect for my naps. I know you like all the pockets on the bag also, because you don’t have to carry an extra purse and you sneak me treats from one of those pockets. Thank you so much for including me in all the fun stuff you do! I love my carrier purse for dogs.“

Antlers for Dogs ($9.95-$59.95)

DeeDdee the 110 lb. Doberman wrote, “Mom, my Elk Antler is just what I needed to keep my pretty teeth clean and give me hours of entertainment! This antler chew is really tasty and it doesn’t get all drooly like rawhide does! I know you love the non-messy part of this treat and I love that I can work on it whenever I feel like it, so it lasts for a long time! I will be sure to give you extra licks and love for Mother’s Day!"

Dog Shoes ($12.50)

From Reba the Rescue Canine in New York: “Mom, I love my Shoes for walking around the city! You know how much I dread going out in the snow and salty sidewalks, so you kindly bought me a pair of dog shoes that stay on and feel natural. You are so thoughtful and caring that I think maybe you deserve a pair of designer boots yourself for Mother’s Day. I’ll see what my doggie dad can do about that!”

Doggles Dog Sun Glasses ($14.95-$19.95)

Beau, the Boxer shows his appreciation: “My mom gave me the coolest Doggles Dog Glasses to wear when we go out on the boat! I love how the dog sunglasses stay on my face; they don’t scratch me or itch; and I can ride on the front of the boat without the wind hurting my eyes. I love you, Mom, and I’m ready for another boat trip on Mother’s day, so let’s go!”

All of us canines wish our doggie moms the best Mother’s Day this Sunday. And if you want to get us any more stuff, just go online to our boutique for canines I’ll just lay at your feet while we look over all the goodies you can get me at Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique.

From your loving white lab daughter, 
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