Dog Eyes Protection Seem Silly? Not to the Military

Dog Eyes Protection Seem Silly? Not to the Military

The Military Takes Care of Doggie Eyes

When the wind is blowing sand and dirt into your eyes, you slip on a slick pair of sunglasses, but what about your pooch? The wind blows into his eyes, too, and maybe even more so since your pup's head is closer to the ground and he has no doggie eyes protection.
Take a tip from U.S. military personnel and protect your canine with a pair of specially-made sunglasses called Doggles for your pet that will keep the elements out of his eyes on blistery days. Pet eye protection is crucial in harsh weather conditions to ensure your doggie's vision lasts his entire lifetime (and it's cheaper than doggie cataract surgery!).
But what if other people tell you that eye protection looks silly? Let these detractors know that some of the bravest canines in the country wear the exact same eye protection called Doggles everyday when assisting human soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.
According to a recent Gothamist article, about 600 active Military Working Pooches (mostly German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois) are currently helping soldiers sniff out bombs, complete search and rescue missions and help with guard duty. Talk about the ultimate watch pet!
The troops and Military Working Canines who serve them should be commended for the harsh conditions they have dealt with and the extreme dedication they have shown to their country. We here at Doggie Diva certainly appreciate their efforts!
Doggles not only protect Military Working Dogs from the sandstorms in the Middle East – they also act as a shield against harmful UV rays from the sun, which is multiplied when reflected off sand. Intense amounts of UV rays that bounce off certain surfaces can also be found in the U.S. and are harmful to both human and animal eyes on sunny days. A few examples are snowy areas, the Salt Flats in Utah, deserts and any large amount of open water.
If you plan to spend any amount of time in places like that with your four legged friend, slap some sunscreen on your skin, put sunglasses over your eyes and remember to use doggie eye protection for your pup and plenty of clean water so he won't dehydrate (I'm sure he won't mind if you pack a few treats, too).

Doggles Dog Glasses are available in one of nine colors from the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique Online. There are five sizes to fit pets weighing between 2 and 200 pounds.

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