Dog Collar Boutique Has Leashes for Ease of Walking, Training and Leading

Dog Collar Boutique Has Leashes for Ease of Walking, Training and Leading

Take Your Fur Pal Anywhere with Secure and Stylish Leashes from the Dog Collar Boutique…

A collar or a harness on your favorite fur traveling partner is not complete without a leash that is easy to use, safely attached and feels right in your hands. Our Dog Collar Boutique has soft leashes made with sturdy and eye-catching materials, plus retractable leashes that are efficient and have distinguished designs on them.

Soft and Stylish Leashes ($12.50-$22.50)
Are you bored with the same old brown, black or blue plain leashes you find at pet or box stores? Sure, they may be super cheap and a quick grab when your old leash wears out. But then, isn’t it nice if your pretty pooch’s leash is made from sturdy, backing overlaid with very attractive designer material, such as silk or cotton and stitched with attention to detail and durability. Do you like to match your pup’s leash to his or her collar? Then our color selection in the Puppia leashes are in 10 colors that will work with any collar or harness. They are especially designed to go with our Puppia Soft Harnesses that are ergonomically designed to give your fuzzy walking buddy a comfortable fit. Is a pretty dotted leash just right for leading your fur date to parties, special events and cafes? Our striped leash looks marvelous when attached to a preppy collar or with you when you are wearing your business outfits. The exotic designer print leashes make a dramatic statement when you and your pup are decked out in high fashion. All of the soft leashes have sturdy material handles for you and a silver metal clasp at the end to attach to your tail wagger’s D-ring on their collar or harness. Check the sizes to get the right length between Small and Large, with lengths from 4 to 6 feet. Make your fashion sense count when you take your fur BFF out on the town by hooking him or her to one of these outstanding soft traditional leashes.

Retractable Leashes for Flexibility ($29.50)

When tangling and tripping with your very active doggie are an issue, then our retractable leashes add so much more control to your commands and walking pleasure. The sturdy case is imprinted with the coolest designs around, so pick your fashion favorite. Is a checkered plaid look part of your wardrobe selections? Then the pink or black preppy check is for you and your walking partner. How about an animal print to lead your little wild thing? High fashion comes in the form of a black 5th Avenue design and your royal highness will love being at the other end of the designer princess lead. Stopping by for tea at 4 P.M.? Then carry the Union Jack print leash to pay tribute to this tradition. Of course the stop/release button makes using these handy leashes a joy because you can adapt your reach between you and your woofie at will. The ergonomic handle also is so easy for you to maneuver even when you are carrying items in your other hand or in your arms. The silver metal clasp is designed to work with D-ring collar or harness attachments. You will be more than pleased to walk with your small to medium breed or mix using these retractable leashes that are not only safe and secure for travel with your beloved ear flopper, but also colorful and impressive when the two of you make your entrances!

Recommendations for dog walking from the veterinary world are that you interchange collars and harnesses so your furry companion will not experience neck strain or fatigue. So be sure to collect a wardrobe of collars, leashes and harnesses for all those times you cannot live without or be seen missing your four-pawed sidekick!

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