Couture Pet Carriers Available in Sling Styles

Couture Pet Carriers Available in Sling Styles

Designer Dog Carriers Available in Sling Style Pouches

Your dog loves to be close to you, and that can be tough when you travel. Stuffing him in a boxy crate isn't much fun for him while you gallivant across town to your friend's home or the veterinarian's office. However, our 
dog boutique online offers couture pooch carriers that will make your doggie even happier to be coming with you.

The Boho sling carrier keeps your small poochie close to your hip so he can both feel and smell you easily, which will be a huge comfort to him when walking across town and in unfamiliar places.
But if you are looking for a designer handbag look, our selection of Kwigy Bo dog carriers will have you and your dog anxious to try these out. Available in both a large and small size, the design on each of these stylish carriers will have you wanting to take your pup wherever you go.

Whether your canine needs to be carried across tumultuous traffic or just doesn't walk that well on his own anymore, these couture canine carriers will be fashionable on you and comfy for your dog. The Kwigy Bo lines are also airline approved, so you can take him across the world, too.
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