Christmas Pup Gifts for all Sized Furry Friends

Dog Gifts for Christmas for All Sized Furry Friends

Stuck for ideas on Christmas doggie gifts? Here is a roundup of Doggie-Diva Boutique gifts for dogs that come in all shapes and sizes. 

Small Dogs - Carriers, Sweaters, Soft Toys

You can be sure that when a carrier meets airline carry-on requirements, your small doggie will ride and rest comfortably in one of many pet carriers from the Doggie-Diva selection. Pick just the right one for your pet, or a favorite pet you want to impress! Choose from designs that are couture, lightweight, leather, quilted and canvas. You will truly appreciate the personalized service from the staff at Doggie-Diva when you have questions about which pet purse carrier fits your beloved furry friend! 

Doggies get cold, too! Even with a built-in fur coat, your small companion may not handle the outdoor cold as well as you would like. Choose from stripes, patterns, hooddies and cable knit sweaters to warm that small bundle when you venture into the winter weather. Easy care, great fitting and fashionable sweaters will add character and style to your pup’s wardrobe. 

Plush doggie toys are perfect for puppies and small K9 teeth. The selection of soft bones, organic character toys and squeaky critters will make your little dog happy while giving her exercise and training fun! Have you trained your doggie to sniff the stocking you hang? Then these great soft toys will keep her guessing about what is inside until Santa comes to visit! Christmas gifts for your dog like a dream come true!

Medium Dogs - Strollers, Backpacks, Chew Toys

Your medium sized doggie may not fit a pet carrier as comfortably as you would like, so why not get him a large doggie stroller? Up to 45 lbs. can ride in one of the PetZip strollers with ease while you take him shopping, jogging or for a walk. Check out strollers that are colorful, classic, sporty and designer to decide which one fits your lifestyle and your pet’s personality. You will be amazed at how easy it is to pack and go with these simple to use strollers. 

Backpacks come in sizes Small to Large, so you can give your fur buddy a job to carry whatever you need. Medium sized dogs are great for carrying supplies when you go hiking, camping, boating or shopping. Choose from a multi-compartment selection at the Doggie-Diva Dog Boutique and watch your dog get that serious look on her face when you are ready to travel. Doggies really do enjoy having a job, so pack up your essentials with your dog’s treats and water to hit the road. 

Whether your pooch is a puppy growing into a large canine or a medium sized pet, chewing is a fact of canine life! Indestructible yet organic pet chew toys are perfect for teaching your best friend to play and chew, rather than to eat the furniture! Read about the unique Zogoflex design in the chew toys available at Doggie-Diva. You will appreciate that the material does not damage dog teeth and mouth while doggie will LUV the fun and exercise he gets with these colorful chewing distractions! Wow, Christmas dog presents!

Large Dogs - Harnesses, Shirts, Tug Toys

Larger pups\s may be difficult to handle when they decide to walk you, rather than the other way around! The Horgan Harness is a great answer to training a doggie that tends to pull you along, while the soft harnesses at Doggie-Diva Boutique give dogs of all sizes chest and neck support. When you give your pet a harness to walk with, you will notice a sense of calm and attention. Dog trainers prefer harnesses because they help control the doggies, without the neck restraint of a collar. In fact, when you add a stylish collar to a harness outfit for your fur buddy, you may notice a definite strut to her gait! Makes a great christmas dog gift.

Big doggie tank tops are especially cool for your large woofer. The personality statements, colors and fit make these shirts a real eye-catching gift for Bruiser. He will also love the warmth and feel of a shirt that is lightweight and shows off his handsome physique or her shapely figure! Don’t forget that there are also dog shirts for ALL sizes, too, with almost any statement you and your pet wish to make. 

Tug dog toys are for the big guys and girls that love to play with you or other dogs. The Pentapull 5 way pull and squeak critters will make you laugh and give your big dog hours of fun! Eco-friendly balls, flexible pulls and bones are another way to entertain both of you with fetch and catch. Stuff those stockings with one or more of these unique tug toys and your big tail-wagger will never forget this Christmas dog presents! 

Now, hurry up, it’s only Halloween, so you need to get started on your Christmas doggie gifts shopping list!
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