Bowls for Food and Water on Trips with Pets

When we take our pup along, their doggie food and water needs include staying hydrated and having snacks, just like we do! To pack a water bottle, food pouches and extra bowls can load us down, with too much to carry! Look at what you can do now with the Jaraden Le Petit Travel Bowl Sets ($14.95 ON SALE) from Doggie-Diva Boutique! 

FiGi Takes his Travel Dog Bowl Set to the Park

Spring is always full of outdoor activities in our city’s “big park” and our friend FiGi, the Italian Greyhound especially loves going to outdoor concerts. His mom and dad pack him up in his very handsome Jaraden Le Petit ($189.50) while they carry their blanket and picnic basket for the people food and drinks. Now, FiGi has a new food and water bowl set that also came from the Jaraden collection at Doggie-Diva. The Jaraden Le Petit Travel Bowl Set Black ($14.95 On Sale) has a collapsible food pouch to hold 8 oz. of wet or dry food and water bowl that holds 12 oz. of water. Zip up the pouches and attach the handy case to your pet carrier and you are ready to go anywhere! Friend FiGi prefers to curl up in his mom’s lap and listen to the music, but when she opens the picnic basket, FiGi hops around until his travel pet bowl set is placed in front of him.

Conway Dines with his Dog Bowl Dishes at an Oyster Roast

Conway lives near his buddies Sissy and Bubba in the country where the neighborhood gathers for oyster roasts. This month (April) will be the last oyster roast of the season and Conway plans to attend in great style. His mom purchased the Jaraden Le Petit Trip Bowl Set Brown Shacara ($14.95 On Sale) to match his Jaraden Shacara Carrier Brown. ($189.50) Conway’s parents take him to the oyster roast on the golf cart, where he stays to watch all the commotion with people shucking oysters and eating on wooden tables! Conway’s taste is much pickier than the other dogs, so he waits until his mom opens his travel pup bowl set for him to dine daintily from his special dishes. The neighbor dogs show Conway respect, though, because his mom always brings homemade peanut butter recipe dog treats to share with Conway’s friends. 

When we asked FiGi’s and Conway’s parents about the handy Jaraden Travel Food Bowl sets, they told us about how convenient the collapsible design, sturdy material and temperature resistant lining is when they travel with these precious pups! Sissy and Bubba are big dogs, but they go places, so we need to hurry up and buy their Jaraden Travel dog food and water set for our next road trip when we “load up” in the VW Bug!
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