Big Dog Store - Big Dogs Matter Too...

Big Dog Store - Big Dogs Matter Too...

Bigger Doggie Products

From college clothes to funny shirts that fit large breeds up to 200lbs. From elk antlers (jumbo bones) for very aggressive chewers to large strollers, there is a big something for every canine (no pun intended)! Yes, some large breed doggies can get cold in the winter and need big, warm pooch sweaters, found in bigger dog stores. Yes, certain large breed canines have thin hair and thin skin and shake and freeze in the cold. Thankfully, animal product manufacturers are starting to catch on to the fact that larger pooches are just as important as the small doggies so more and more big dog products are being manufactured every day and sold at big dog stores.

And luckily for you, big clothing and accessories are one of our specialties and we are happy to bring it to you. And if it's fun, pretty, designer and/or practical, you will be sure to see it in our Big Pet Store! If you think bigger doggies matter and want to see a specific type of large pet product being sold at the Doggie Diva Boutique online, please post about it here on our blog, thanks, woof woof!
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