Attention All Big Brothers and All Big Sisters - Dog Clothes

These fun, gorgeous, high quality, designer personality fashion accessories protect your baby's neck from muddy spots and dust and look great at the same time. Both, the Big Brother kerchief and the Big Sister bandanas are exclusively made from 100 % weightless cotton and smartly designed just for the pet you love the most, and ready for whoever is first in line!
We know that you are very particular about the dressing of your grown up kid. That is why, we have exclusive range of big sister and big brother products to make you happy and satisfied with your selection. For young Ladies, we have a huge range of Big Sister & Little Sister items made out of the sweetest cotton that you will ever find. It's conveniently 100% machine washable and comes in small, medium and large (adjustable) sizes, available in pink (of course!). Doggie Diva is proud to present our fun line for boys as well. Our Big Brother and Little Brother bandanas are handsome and also made out of tough machine washable cotton and comes in small, medium, and large sizes (adjustable) and comes in beautiful black. We also carry the big brother and big sister styles in matching dog sweatshirts and tank tops.
My job is done and I can already see many shaking happy tails walking around and begging to get right away a fashionable neck tie to show it off to their friends. So take a look around our site for more precise information about sizes, colors, and prices or sends us an email with your questions, and well get back to you in less than 24 business hours. You will be surprised at how many styles of muscle tank tops, sweatshirts and bandanas from our personality line we carry!
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