Antlers for Dogs That Come Straight from Nature... Elk antler dog chews

Antlers for Dogs That Come Straight from Nature... Elk antler dog chews

Elk Antler dog chews give your fur chewer a long-lasting treat that is fresh and healthy…

Aren’t you simply tired of picking up a chew bone or pack of dog chews that may last only one day? Does your small, medium or large breed and mix look for anything they can find to sink their teeth into? Is your pup’s dental health the most difficult part of your tail wagger’s pet care? Then we have the answer to the dilemma that most canine pet owners experience. You will love our fresh, tasty and long-lasting Elk Antler Chews! Here is what you will want to know about your doggie’s dental needs.

Why dogs Chew

Canines check out their environment by using their nose and mouth to smell, taste and pick up things that interest them. Their instinct is to hunt prey, so anything that smells like food is fair game for a taste or a chew. To help train your pups, small treats and squishy, plush toys are best for their tiny mouths because they will need to shed their baby teeth. Adult and mature doggies will enjoy gnawing on a hard object because it not only helps get food trash out of their teeth and gums but also because it is instinctual to gnaw on the bones of their “prey” as their wolf ancestors did. When a fur companion is left alone for long periods of time without distractions, it is normal for them to find something to chew on for comfort. Therefore, early in a K9’s upbringing, it is important to introduce acceptable hard chewable items for them to enjoy.

Which kinds of dog chew treats are best?

Bones, rawhide and elk antler dog chews are good hard surfaces for your pooch to hold between their paws and attack with their teeth. However, the quality, freshness and health benefits of that hard object need to be considered. They need to be tough enough to survive regular biting, chewing and gnawing. The right size for each canine mouth is important because the chew should not be small enough to swallow whole or too large to get a good grip. Good chewy treats are entertaining and challenging enough to keep your curious woofer’s attention. Good flavor and shape will keep them coming back for more.

When you choose a bone or tough treat beware of a few drawbacks that are not good for fuzzy buddies. Cooked bones can splinter and break causing trouble with swallowing and choking. Raw fowl or meat bones can cause digestive distress if there is any raw or spoiled substance left on the bones. Packaged bones may be chemically treated or dyed causing allergic reactions to your fur baby’s system.

Why antlers for dogs give more chewing benefit than bones

Antler dog chews come directly from nature. Elk, deer and moose antlers provide tasty and sturdy ways for your doggie to dig in and get natural nutrients. The best antlers are from elk because the marrow inside the bone is very hard to get to and he or she will spend hours trying to reach the tasty center. Here at the Doggie Diva Dog Boutique, we specialize in fresh, naturally harvested elk antler treats that come from the forest where the elk have shed their antlers each autumn season. Our elk antlers for dogs are not chemically treated or bleached, so they are not pale white, chalky or brittle. The health benefits of elk are scientifically proven in the veterinary world. All natural antlers contain benefits for joint health, teeth whitening and tartar removing as your four-legged pal chews away trying to reach the marrow. Our dog antler chews can last up to six months, depending upon your pup’s aggressive chewing nature. The sizes are for small, medium and large dogs, so you can order according to your breed’s or mix’s stature.

When shopping for antler treats from feed and seed, pet specialty or sporting dog stores, be sure to examine the product for any labeling contents that may include added chemicals. Also check to see if the antler product is all white and pasty looking. This can mean that they are old antlers that will splinter, break and leave stains on your floor when your pup digs in with their teeth and saliva. We find that when our pets with a waggy tail get their elk antler treat, they will spend time trying to get out the pretty marrow center and tire after a while. This means you can bring the treat back out the next day and for days after, because the outer bone is very hard and holds your pet’s interest for a long time.

When you watch our video on the Doggie Diva Elk Antlers below, you see how much our resident tester, “Rain,” adores her treat. Pups up to 30 lbs. will enjoy the smaller antlers and they will last up to 3 or more months. Sizes 40 to 60 lbs. will enjoy the medium antlers and over 60 lbs. will be happy with the large size. Since our antlers are hand cut to size, you can email us with special requests and we can look for what size, shape and number of ends you wish, in our elk antler collection. We even have “mastiff” sized antlers for those big fur dudes and divas over 100 lbs. Even though the cost for our antlers ranges from $10 to $50, you will be pleased and amazed at how long-lasting these fabulous chews are! The mastiff size for big dogs are special order, so contact us for advice and pricing.

We think that once you try the elk antler treat for your precious partner with paws, you will be just as “hooked” on this treat as your dog is, simply because they last so long, they are not messy and your pooch will be a happy chewer!

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