Antlers for Dogs Keeps Your Canine Chewing on Treats, Not Your Holiday Guests

Antlers for Dogs Keeps Your Canine Chewing on Treats, Not Your Holiday Guests

Canine Antlers Keep Fido Chewing on Treats, Not Guests

During the holidays, your doggie becomes so excited as the tinsel is strung and the ham is cooked while more and more people stop by to impart their holiday cheer. You want your ppoch on his best behavior, as he will be seeing close friends and distant family alike (and these are all your potential pup sitters after all!). Antlers for dogs can help keep your four legged friend occupied during this chaotic season.

Elk antler chews are a favorite for furry friends – elk shed these naturally and the antlers provide a delicious treat that is actually quite healthy for your Fido, especially if the velvet on the outside is still intact. Antler chews also last much longer than pig ears or rawhide bones, and they don't smell as bad as either of those.
A Few of the Health Benefits of Antlers for Doggiess
  • The calcium in antler treats helps dogsters maintain their bones and teeth.
  • Zinc keeps your canine's skin health and helps him heal faster and fight off infections better.
  • Keratan sulfate in Antlers for pets helps restore cartilage.
  • Chondroitin sulfate reduces cholesterol.
  • Clucosamine sulfate eases pain and inflammation.

Two Holiday Fringe Benefits of Antler Chews

  • Your pooch will be preoccupied while your guests enjoy a good time at your place. Even if he gets showered with attention at first, eventually the humans will most likely just talk amongst themselves and your pup will then have something to do without needing to be shut up in a back bedroom.
  • Your doggie is less likely to harass guests that are not “dogster people” if he has tasty Antlers for dogs to chew.
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