Elk Antler Dog Chews- Finding the Best Antlers for Dogs

Elk Antler Dog Chews- Finding the Best Antlers for Dogs

Elk Antler Dog Chews- Finding the Best Antlers for Dogs!

Rawhide bones may still be heavy hitters when it comes to the dog chew bone market, as they are both tasty and soft, but elk antlers dog chews are solid contenders for tough chewers and provide benefits that rawhide bones don't.

Problems with Rawhide

Ambitious dogs can tear through a large rawhide bone in short order. Sometimes the pups won't even chew through the whole bone, leaving one of the knobby ends to carry around, bury and hide. My beagle would even hide the slobbery knobs underneath my pillow! Then without your dog going through the whole bone, you have to go buy a new one to keep his teeth occupied. Rawhide also isn't good for your dog's digestive system. 

Enter Elk Antler Dog Chews...

Not so with antler dog chews for dogs, which can last 10 times longer than a rawhide. Elk shed their antlers naturally to provide these chew toys for your canine friend, and elk antlers do not splinter like deer antlers do, making it a safer and longer-lasting choice.

According to the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology's section on elk, the antlers grow more than a meter long, which is why antler dog chews come in a range of sizes to suit the kind of dog you have. Elk antlers also have velvet on their antlers that is normally shed to allow males to compete for female attention. Coupled with the fact that the velvet can provide health benefits for your dog, it is more difficult but not impossible to find antlers with the velvet still intact.

Finding the Best Antlers for Dogs

Doggie Diva offers the highest quality Antlers from Elk. We provide untreated, fresh, grade A elk antlers for dogs. Deer antlers for dogs, moose antlers for dogs, these type of antler treat bones just won't cut it. You want to make sure you only buying your elk antler treats from a reputable retailer like Doggie Diva. Just contact us. Our excellent customer service will guide you to the correct size for your doggie, we have been providing the best antler for dogs for over 10 years, we know antler treats! We know you will like them. Text 516-384-0977 or email info@doggie-diva.com and ask for Rachel!

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